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Our life in a box


Well we have finally sold our house in preparation for our trip and all of our possessions are now in a 3mx6m lock up! It is floor to ceiling with no room at all. I have managed to squeeze my other two motorbike in there as well and will be spraying them with a good soaking of wd40 or similar to keep everything nice and shiny while we are away.

We are now living between our kids,two week at Rachels our daughter and two week at Simons our son on a rotation basis. We get to spend some real quality time with the grand kids which is great because the hardest part of this trip is not going to be riding for days in the mud,rain or cold its going to be so far away from our kids and the grand kids. But still, we will have video Skype which we will be using a lot when will have a connection.

With the lock up, paying for a year in advance we can get a decent discount,we have put some moth balls and cockroach traps in and the kids will do monthly check ups on are stuff to make sure everything is ok.

We have still got are block of land which we plan to build on when we come back,it seems silly to build on it now  and then leave it for a year unattended. At least while we are away we can design a house to our liking and no doubt will have a Asian influence !

I have decided that my old motorbike jacket and helmet wont last a year trip so i have updated them, plus i got a new pair of bike/hiking boots as well,the jacket is supposed to be waterproof without putting a liner in like my old jacket ,which was a pain in the ass and the helmet has a peak on it ,seeing that we are heading west all the way ,that way the sun wont get in my eyes to bad in the late afternoon.

Chris is busy sorting duel passports out and checking visa’s,we have decided to renew are British passport and leave with them.With are Australian passports left here with the Pakistan visa forms ready ,with Rachel sending them to get processed a couple of months after we leave and then when she gets them back we will get them couriered to us in Thailand,or better still Simon and Kayla and the boys can bring them when they come for a short holiday with us in Thailand. That way we will reach Pakistan in time without the visa running out before we get there.

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9 thoughts on “Our life in a box

  1. Exciting times coming up. Good on you both for getting out there and living life 🙂

  2. Thanks Maree, the trip is coming around fast, we have realised ‘life is not a dress rehearsal’ so its now or never!

  3. Check your grammar and spelling Dad!
    It is very nice having you and mum living with us though. I think we are all going to be very lost when you leave on your adventure of a lifetime.

  4. Lynette & Jacob Jovner on said:

    Well done. Hope you have a great time. We have done some camping but nothing like you are going to do. I spoke to Trudy and Kiril about having tyres sent to them in Bulgaria and staying with them and they you are very welcome.

  5. Hi there,
    Your trip looks inspiring and mad. I admire that you can pack up your life into a box and hit the road. It is great. We look forward to seeing you here in Sofia Bulgaria!!! All the best. Trudy and Kiril –

    • Hi Trudy & Kiril,
      The trip has taken a few years to plan, i think you may have be a little mad to do this…lol, but life is short & we want to see some of the world!
      We have many emotions to deal with at the moment, excited, a little scared, sad (to be leaving the kids) oh & of course very sad to be leaving work…NOT.
      We look forward to meeting you again & to meet Kiril & your children, Sofia looks like an amazing place to visit, we can’t wait to check it out.

      Regards Chris & Clive

  6. OMG….I cant believe the places you are going to..sounds like an amzing trip you are going to be having ive just signed up to receive your blogs so looking forward to that. We are in Portugal in sept would be amazing if it coincided with you passing through.keep in touch sarah (little sis) xxxx

    • Hi Sarah, we are looking forward to this trip a lot, Clive has wanted to do this type of trip (not as far though) even while we were living in the UK…finally he get to do it, we should be around the Portugal area roughly at the same time as you,our trip plans are flexible within reason! so we can divert to meet up…keep in touch xxx

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