On our great adventure

A rough route we will be taken

We will fly the bike to Kuala Lumper from Brisbane ,where we will fly ourselves and pick the bike up.

We will then travel around Malaysia for the rest of January .

February will see us traveling through Thailand into Cambodia to visit Ankor Wat for the second time,this time we will visit some of the lesser frequented temples which are just as impressive ,but off the beaten tourist track.

March we will be Laos.We love Laos,the budda park in Vientiane,up to chilling out in Luang Prabang.

April we will be back in Thailand to meet up with Simon,Kayla,Ryan and Jesse.So plenty of times having fun at the beach.

May we will be flying into Katmandu Nepal with the bike as Myanmar[Burma],wont let foreigners vehicles through.This is where we hope to do some light trekking around the foothills of the Himalayas and a bit of hanglideing for Clive.

June will see us take on India,we are determined to come out the other side with positive thoughts,the scenery will be spectacular but will are stomachs and patience be up for it,we will see!!

July we will take on the KKH highway that runs up through northern Pakistan into China,then entering Kyrgyzstan,Uzbekistan,Turkmenistan and then a ferry trip across the black sea into Azerbaijan,Georgia and then entering Turkey,where we will see some old roman ruins and having a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia.

August we should be entering Europe into Bulgaria then onto Greece,following up the coast through Albania,Montenegro,Croatia,Slovenia,Austria,Switzerland down the east coast of Italy then up the west coast into France,Spain and if we have time into Morocco before heading back up through Portugal,Spain,France and then catching the ferry across the English channel to Blighty,docking at Weymouth harbour where we used take our kids for summer day trips and then finally officially ending the Brisbane to Bristol trip on the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol.

This is only a rough route we will take ,no doubt on a whim we might change direction a bit ,it will depend on the weather,how volatile political situations are in certain countries and how far we get behind with the rough schedule we have,we aim to be in the uk at the beginning of November.

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2 thoughts on “A rough route we will be taken

  1. Hi Guys,
    I believe we have something in common, .When you arrive bristol would you like a bed for the night? A little surprised when I came across your page. Best of luck!!!!
    p,s how are you getting out of AUZ???


  2. Wow,how bizarre. We fly into Malaysia with the bike .We must meet up on the road.
    keep in touch
    your site is great,we will follow along
    cheers Clive and Chris

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