On our great adventure

Shake it baby! Our shake down test!

Suzie the Suzuki is fully loaded with everything we have planned to take on our ‘TRIP’, even if we are not going to use it this weekend, it’s coming with us! So we have a final idea of weight & how everything is going to be stored & of course & most importantly how Clive & ‘Suzie’ ride together.

We arrived at ‘The Lost World’ (Stinson Park Campground), set every thing up & after a cuppa & a long talk considering everything, we have decided with a heavy heart that we will no longer take the camping gear, even though we had researched for many, many months the smallest, lightest & the best items to take with us, we now realise that we will be carrying all that extra weight and equipment on some of the most dangerous roads in Asia for the best part of six months without even needing it (as in Asia we plan to stay in hotels as it is dead cheap to do so) & had planned to camp throughout Europe (as the hotels will be more expensive to stay in) so now when we get to Europe we may end up buying some camping equipment there!

Whether it’s the right or wrong decision, time will tell.

However saying all that we will be taking our extremely small ‘Black Wolf’ tent, it weights next to nothing and packs down really small,but it is the size of a crisp packet!!!! It will be only used in an emergency & will therefore have to sleep our clothes!

What did work extremely well was our new Katadyn water filter, it filters down to the size of .2 microns so all the nasty stuff gets filtered out.

I gave it a try in the stream that runs through the camp ground and we ended up with crystal clear, odourless drinking water, which could be a life safer if we end up somewhere where we cant source water fit to drink,  so a big plus on that one!

We figured we would still carry our stove and  small kettle so we can still have a cuppa on the road, if we find things all too much and need calming down!!

The MSR whisperlite stove that we are taking can be run on petrol, so the fuel canisters will also be are back up if we run low on fuel on the bike, we’ll  be carrying two 1 litre bottles of fuel in the remote places as a back up.The stove can also be lit from our flint fire starter so no need to carry a lighter. So as long as we have tea bags we can have a ‘cuppa’, and we have managed to ween ourselves off drinking tea with milk, so we no longer need to worry about that plus we actually prefer drinking tea without milk now!

We’ve also worked out where everything should be stored, in an order where we need it to make things a little easier on the  road, whether it’ll stay like that time will tell!!

This is our basic camp kit, from the picture above, going from left to right starting at the top we have:

1.Small kettle sitting on our MSR whisperlite stove with red fuel bottle attached

2. Green thermos for having a cuppa on the road, when we don’t want to get the stove out and can be used as a spare water container.

3. Green cooler bag for keeping day-to-day items we buy on the road colder and fresh.

4. Yellow travel wash line, used many times on our trips,can be hung up any where to dry our undies!

5. Orange nylon string…many uses!

6. Blue fold up travel sink, washing dishes, clothes or ourselves

7. Two travel plates, which have a large lip so could be used as a bowl, titanium cutlery set which are super light,lighter than plastic believe it not! one pair of scissors and a sharp knife.

8. Small insect spray, katmandu travel soap, white rubber travel plug, pink plastic food wrapper clip for keeping things from going stale.

9. Our flint fire starter, even Chris has got the hang of how to use!

10.Katadyn pocket water filter.

11. Two travel mugs, no not us!!

12. All on a table-cloth, which we can have multiple uses, towel, rug, sheet, curtain?

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