On our great adventure

Our trusty steed for the trip


The bike in which we are taking will be my Suzuki DL650 (wee Strom) 2008 model, with roughly 22,000 clicks.

I have decided this bike would probably be suited to the type of riding we will be doing to get back to the U.K., it ticks a lot of boxes that we need it to do.

1: Reliability

2: Good on fuel (my Yamaha XT1200 Tenere is way more thirstier!)

3: 650cc twin moter that has plenty of grunt to carry my better half & all her  luggage!

4: I have modified the bike  suit me.

5,: Because its a few years old now the carnet de passage will be a lot cheaperIMGP4285

The ‘Strom’ about to have open surgery…

Anyway… getting on with things i decided to give the ‘Strom’ a full service myself, so i have peace of mind knowing that it’s been done properly &  has been done with a passion, after all its going to be a big part of us next year and i didn’t want it being done by a 17-year-old kid in a workshop who is really more interested in texting his girlfriend than being focused on our bike!

-All fluids have been changed, K & N air filter cleaned & re-oiled.

-Valves checked.

-New spark plugs have fitted i decided on the more expensive Iridium ones which should last the trip (we hope)

-New tyres, i have again gone for the Heidenau k60 scout as they are excellent wearing and can handle off-road as well as the black top.

-New sprockets & chain have changed to a bigger width 530 chain which will be longer lasting & hopefully will last the trip as well.

-The few modifications  i have added to the bike are the engine protection bars for the inevitable tumbles we might have on some of the dirt roads.

-Two 12 volt cigarette type plugs for powering phones, cameras, GPS and rechargeable batteries when were on the move.

-An air horn, which is REALLY loud for when we enter the Indian traffic!

-A bash plate on the bottom to protect from rocks hitting the underbelly of the motor.

-I’ve also fitted to the bike-in the spaces around the luggage boxes three waterproof drain pipes, that will house spare fuel bottles, camera tripod and assorted tools.

-We’ll also be using Aluminium luggage boxes to carry all our crap in...whoops…i mean travel essentials!

-We also have a top box fixed to the rack at the back.

-Sitting on the petrol tank there will be a waterproof bag that will contain day-to-day items, camera.maps, money, phone, & various assorted snacks to keep Chris happy!

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