On our great adventure

Going,Going Shipped.

IMGP4675Our bike is going to be shipped by Malaysia Cargo airline…first i had to source a crate for the bike.
Harley Davidson down at Gasoline Alley Springwood came up trumps with a purpose-built metal pallet that they bring their bikes in from the U.S.
Even though it was a tad long (10cm), it was perfect as it had wells in where the wheels fit into snugly and tie-down points to stop the bike from moving around.

Although it didn’t have sides it was a start and the guys at Gasoline Alley said i could have it for free, they even threw in some tie-down straps, thanks guys!

The bike fitted on to the pallet and to reduce size for shipping i removed the fly screen,wing mirrors and slackened off the fork tube bolts so i could push down the front even lower .

Ok, after getting the pallet back home, i started on the process of getting the bike prepared:

Firstly remove all  fuel, in the end i did it the hard way !! I took the bike out until I thought i had run the bike was out of fuel…&  with the  fuel light flashing for ages and i thought it would be just a simple case of just starting a few times to get rid of the last few drops!! …How wrong was i…lol…Well i did that, plus my son-in-law tried siphoning out some & a gob full petrol ha ha, but there was some still sloshing around!

I decided again to take the bike for a quick spin around the neighbourhood, being careful to avoid any potential hills that i might have to push the bike up to get back to run the bike dry.

Well it still took a while and you guessed it, i ran out  of fuel at the bottom of a hill, something i was trying to avoid!!

I had to push the bike up the hill and coast home, least i know that when the fuel light flashes empty i can still  go a bit further, something we don’t want to practice but at least Chris will be with me and she can push!!!

The battery was removed and terminals taped up for airline safety .


With the bike strapped down tight so there is no movement and the panniers carefully fitted in it was time to call in a bobcat, that has forks so it could lift the whole lot on to my sons flatbed Ute ready to be taken to the shipping agent where they will issue all the relevant documentation and crate the bike so it’s fully enclosed ready for its flight to Kuala Lumper Malaysia.8295609843_3ebda80063_h-1

Next i had to deliver it to the shipping agent at Eagle Farm near the airport, there they will sort out the dangerous goods certificate and make the out side of the crate.

The shipping agents also require The Carnet du Passage, so the customs can stamp it out of the country when it leaves, that way we don’t have to pay any import duty on the bikes arrival. We will have to do this at every country we enter and make sure it is stamped out when we leave a country as well, especially in countries like Pakistan where they have a 470% import tax on vehicles!!



With the Strom safely at shipping agents,they can now get it ready for crating

So the next time we’ll see our bike will be in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia we hope!! Where  hopefully we will be able to pick it up from the shipping agent there a couple of days after we arrive.

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6 thoughts on “Going,Going Shipped.

  1. Just a few days until blast off eh? You lucky buggers, so exciting……

  2. yeah Will,running around like chooks with heads cut off at the moment as well you know!!!
    so many emotions at the moment

  3. Hi Guys. Bumped into you at Meadowbrook Mcdonalds a couple of months back.
    We have just got back from Laos & Cambodia, I see you have been following Gavos ride report of our trip on Advrider.
    Good luck with your trip and will be following with great interest and envy.
    David & Trish.

  4. Hi David and Trish,looks like you had fun in Lao and Cambodia,we cant wait to get back there!
    Thanks for following along
    Clive and Chris

  5. Sarah house on said:

    hey you guys….you must be so excited but prob bit apprehensive aswel. wishing you a safe trip and look forward to reading all about it on here. big hugs Sarah x x

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