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Going Bonkers in Jonkers (Malacca) 9th Jan

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA8385725721_5a75fc6676_b
After our last breakfast at the Jawadene B & B, we set off for Melaka, roughly 170kms, first stop was to get a photo of the ‘Strom’ outside the Sepang race Circuit, photo taken then off we go, the roads were well signed to Melaka & were in good condition…the journey took about an 2 hours as we had a quick refreshment stop for about 20 minutes.
We arrived at the ‘One Vacation Home’ (we had 2 nights here) at about 1pm to be greeted by the owner Steven Wong, once we had been shown around the house; we had a quick shower then hit the town…Jonkers Street is a busy street full of Chinese shops & restaurant’s, the building are small, old & full of charm, most of the buildings have been restored back to their former glory but there are still a few in need of some TLC…I would love to be able to bring one back to ‘life’! 8386860326_32f96d95b5_b

After getting our bearing & a feel for this enchanting little town, we decided to head of to find some dinner, we ended up at the Geographer, a beautifully restored building…which seemed to be aimed at westerners, the choices on the menu were for all tastes…I opted for the Cashew chicken rice… I must admit I was disappointed as I had about four cashews & a stingy amount of chicken, it did taste good though! & Clive went for a salad…but got a huge bowl of soup with jalapenos & Tofu!!!…lol, Clive did enjoy it, even if it was a bit spicy, thankfully he didn’t eat the jalapenos!!!8386852322_40736497c7_b

As Clive had been feeling a little ill & not sleeping well over the past few days, we decided to go to the local doctor, much to our surprise we only waited about 2 minutes before we saw the doctor (usually even with an appointment at home its still half an hour before you get to see any one!) Clive had been concerned as the pain he was feeling was his appendix, but the pain was located too high for that thankfully, the doctor said he had been eating too much spicy food, & gave him some pain relief, gastro tablets, some probiotic mix & wind tablets! & Wow the consultation & medication came too RM 62 = AU cheap is that?8386866832_315e4c3dce_b
Now we know what was wrong we decided to go for a walk around town, there is so much history here, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch & of course British…8386861956_d6da94eb42_b
As Clive was still feeling a bit drained from his ‘complaint’ we decided it would be better to stay a couple more nights in Melaka, but there were no vacancy’s left at the ‘One Vacation Home’! But Steven knew of another house that had secure parking & was literally 1 minute (D’Laksamana) from his place so off we went to check it out & to see if they had any rooms…as luck would have it they did…with breakfast as well :O) with bags semi packed, we moved ‘home’ the only problem with our new place was that the living area stank of moth balls…Yuk…which is what the storage lock up we have for all our furniture smells like :OP8386835354_c3cb0d480b_b
Later that day we climbed St. Pauls Bukit (hill) to check out what was left of the old church, inside the church were loads of large (2×1 metres) tombs stones propped up against the wall, they were well old one dated back to 1400! And some had pirate skull and crossbones on them!8386820050_0031e09941_b
The next day after a breakfast of waffles, we took off to check out the customs museum, then went to ‘board’ the replica Portuguese ship…only RM 6.0 each, roughly $3.30aus, the entry fee also covered our admission into to maritime museum, after all that history we felt weary so went back to the B & B for a rest, plus to do some work on the blog,
Later in the afternoon we went for a ride on the bike to check out a Mosque that was built over the beach, as we wanted to capture some twilight images…with all that done it was off to MacDonald’s (playing it safe!)

Just thought you may like to know a little bit of Melaka history… Once upon a time a prince who was escaping from Sumatra in 14th century founded Malacca, it developed into a major trading port for ships from India and China. As the Melaka Sultanate flourished, the Portuguese conquered Malacca in 1511. Later the Dutch took over in 1641 until much later the British Empire ruled Malacca. The state finally obtained independence with the then “Malaya states” in 1957. Today, you will find many remnants of the glorious past dated back more than 500 years ago.8385783963_d43a24e780_b8385844903_ba09df249a_b

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2 thoughts on “Going Bonkers in Jonkers (Malacca) 9th Jan

  1. Linda Briscoe on said:

    Hey Chris and Clive. Enjoying reading your blog. So much seen already; looks like you’re having a fabulous time. Weather seems to be good so far. Still very hot and dry here at present. Send off for Lisa and Shannon this Sunday. So jealous of you all:) Love, Linda B

  2. Thanks Linda, we are having a great time, hopefully we won’t get too much rain, when they arrive…shortly, give my love to Shannon & Lisa, i will keep a track of them via FB, Love Chris & Clive x

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