On our great adventure

Look what we built in Johor Bahru…..

Originally when we made plans for our trip Johor Bahru was not on our to ‘do’ list as its mainly a place for import/export & travel across the bridge into Singapore…so why did we end up going there, well Legoland of course, we had to check it out for the Grandkids didn’t we? Every one loves Lego…don’t they? So after breakfast we set off for Johor Bahru, which is only about 140 km’s away.
While we were deciding to go either left, right or straight ahead a ‘local’ on a 1200cc BMW stopped & asked if he could help we told him where we wanted to go & he told us to follow him, & he proceeded to take us to our hotel The Grand Semtosa.
When we arrived we realized the hotel is above a shopping mall & the valet car parking (which I had read about) was DIY & sharing the same car park the mall shoppers!!! We were a little concerned about the bike being in a car park that was used by so many other people, but it did have 24-hour security, we just made sure we covered & chained the wheels of the bike at night, as it happens it was fine, but you still worry that it may get knocked off, then we would be stuffed.
We had dinner with the locals at Restoran 101, which is across the road from the hotel, as we had not been having as much fruit & vegetables as we normally would we decided to order vegetation, we ordered vegetable stirred fried rice & vegetables with noodles both dishes were delicious, but were lacking in vegetables!! We have noticed that the Malay people don’t eat a lot of fruit & vegetables, not like some of the other Asian countries we have been to.
After breakfast we hit the road for LEGOLAND & after maybe hour of taking the ‘short cut’ or the ‘scenic route’-which ever one you prefer! We arrived at LEGOLAND…yay; we had to park in -zone 3 which is just for motorbikes we had it all to our self… well I suppose Lego land is after all for families…the fee to enter LEGOLAND is RM 140 roughly $40 for a day entry,8390464253_38abe6f1f3_b8390417875_bbe4ccfa88_b8390465313_d015fe188f_b8390446697_e94da7766b_b8391544528_7bf45f62ab_b8391540342_1801d45f86_b8390438525_bf86cd752b_b


8391520130_df406841b0_b the park was so empty which was great for us, no queuing for rides etc. :O), well after a day of enthusiastic enjoyment, we decided to go ‘home’ we just made it back to the bike before a massive thunder storm hit (lucky we had shelter) we must have waited about an hour before the worst of the storm passed! Even though it was still raining we decided we would take the chance & ride back to the hotel, we got a ‘little’ wet, but hey we went to LEGOLAND today so who cares about a little rain?

There is also many more photos on our flicker account on the right of page if you would like to check them out!

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