On our great adventure

Chocolate Sea’s and Wooden Horses

Mersing to Kuantan then on to Fraser Hill

We had read about Mersing being a beautiful place to kick back & relax with clear blues waters & great diving…that sounded right up our alley, so with our bags packed we set off for the 270km’s ride, we arrived without booking a hotel…which is not unusual for us to do, the local town was not an option as we have to be careful where we park the bike & all the hotels only had street parking so we decided to travel down the road close to the sea, we rode around for a bit then stopped at the ‘Fishing Bay resort’ (or something like that) the owners were only to happy to show us around we looked at 2 different price groups of the rooms they had, they were both pretty expensive, but it was the location that you were paying for, the cheaper room was RM130= Just under $40 & the other room was RM 185 = $60 the only difference in the rooms were one was in a room overlooking the ‘gardens’ & sea & the other room was a cabin by the sea…it all sounds amazing doesn’t it? How ever even though it was hot it was also windy & the sea was choppy & brown no way were we getting in that water…lol… the rooms were damp, smelly & had wood rot, the paint was peeling off the walls & moldy curtains Ekkk…so as it was out of season ( monsoon season) we asked them if they would come down in price, (as this place may have been the best of a bad lot!) we asked the manager if they would reduce the price they would not budge, which we thought was odd as no one else was staying there! so we told them we may be back! With our fingers crossed we hoped we may stumble upon a better room so we rode back to some other cabins we seen earlier, we spoke to the manager of ‘Air paplan’ & he promptly showed us a log cabin, which was fine not damp, but not perfect either but way better than the previous place & he gave us a discount, so we paid RM130 instead of 150…bargain! We did however have a couple of visitors in the cabin a couple of mossies’ & a couple of Asian geckos, anyone who knows me would know how much they ‘freak’ me out, I just had to put it out of my mind!!!

We settled in then went into town for some lunch, we settled on Mary Brown’s (similar to KFC), on our walk around the town we spied a bakery, it had the most delicious looking cakes & savory rolls so we thought we had better buy some after all you have to support the locals don’t you? So back to the cabin then off for a walk down the beach, it’s a beautiful area with large boulders holding back the forests so they can’t meet the sea, how ever you could be forgiven for thinking that chocolate milk was the sea, as that’s what it looked like,8401131979_e8784772ab_b
But apparently its just a season ‘thing’, also there was a lot of litter along the beach which is a big bug bear of mine, I know a fair bit gets washed up from the sea, but there was also local litter, I just don’t get it, on our way back to the cabin we found there was quite of accommodation in that street plus restaurants, so it must get really busy at the height of the season, the area isn’t very commercial which was nice…I do hope BIG hotels don’t come in & take over the area.
When we got back to the cabin Clive did a little bit of ‘tinkering’ on the bike, adjusting the clutch and chain,then & I got on with the ‘housework’…the washing!!!8402222048_6767e3e33e_b
The next day we set of for Kuantan as it was on way to our next destination… Fraser Hill, on way to Kuantan we stopped in a place called Pekan as there were some amazing life size sculptures of horse’s made from drift wood they were incredible so life like.8401129807_bca7c3f3ba_b8401133381_2551d368c6_b8402223662_8d5b20fe14_b
We arrived at Kuantan at about lunchtime, after a bit of hunting around we found a hotel (not too many in this area) we found one…Mega View Hotel RM 150, the staff were really helpful, Clive even got to park the bike right out side the hotel doors under the awning, we were on the sixth floor we had a great view of the river, the room was clean & comfortable, but had crap Wi-Fi, it was so
S-L-O-W, so we gave up with the ‘blog’ for a while & decided to go & find something for dinner, well in such a big town we thought we would be spoilt for choice of ‘restoran’s’.
Well were we wrong after walking around for about half an hour or may have been longer, we found a little restaurant that seemed very popular with the locals and the local cats!!! .When the food arrived we were pretty pleased, we had chicken with rice, nann bread with various dipping sauces & nasi goring plus a couple of drinks all for the grand total of RM13, After taking the ‘short’ cut back to the hotel we decided to get back to the blog!8401134951_a24256523c_b8402225426_dbccb03d6b_b8402220362_a0b5c6873e_b

We don’t seem to be able to get up early anymore! In Oz we used to be up about 5am now we struggle to get up at 8am,mainly because it is still dark at 7.30am, so much for an early start which we wanted to get so we wouldn’t hit the Kuantan traffic, but first we had to have breakfast & pack, about an hour later we set off for Fraser Hills a place we have heard so much about.8403965258_293f358c12_b

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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Sea’s and Wooden Horses

  1. Japie Jovner on said:

    Very interesting , you could have made a TV series on this adventure of yours , enjoy it .

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