On our great adventure

Up in the clouds on Fraser Hill

Taking it easy in Fraser Hill.

The last 30 km’s of riding up to Fraser Hill, was amazing we were just about the only ones using the roads, and they were in fantastic condition, the grass verges were all neatly trimmed & no litter!
We arrived at our hotel ‘The Puncak’ round about 1pm (seems to be our arrival time for all hotels!)
After registering we went to our room…’cosy’ would be a word you could describe it, but we needed it for 1 night, we took a wonder around the ‘village’ then went for a bite to eat at the restaurant next to the hotel, while eating lunch we decided that we would stay one more night as it was so peaceful, to be frank there must have been only a handful of tourists, while deciding what to do for the rest of the day, I went back to our hotel to get a map of the local area, as I was walking getting closer to our hotel I noticed a large motorbike…a Suzuki V-Strom no doubt, the same size as ours but younger,…as I approached the reception desk I saw a young man in bike gear, he turned and smiled and said ‘you must be Christine,
Hi I’m Steven’…something like that anyway…I’m sure you get the picture… Steven & Clive had been in touch with each other while we were organizing out our trip in Australia- Steven is doing a similar trip, except he is riding back home to Germany…What a small world, we knew Steven had arrived in Malaysia but not sure where he was at this point in time, I told him we were having lunch and to join us he would be welcome, a short time later Steven joined us for some lunch, beer and a chat, we decided to meet up for a quick bike ride to explore the area.
The roads are perfect for bikers, tight bends that go up and up, we to stop at the top of one hill to admire the view, and we got off the bikes Steven must have put his bike on an uneven surface and the bike promptly fell over on its side… 8415431505_fa5ac6a0d5_b

lucky for him there was no damage as the panniers managed to protect the bike, after Clive had shown Steven the correct way to pick up a bike, the boys accessed the damage luckily just a couple of minors scratches…After all that fun! We headed off back to the Puncak, and later arranged to meet up for dinner.
After speaking to the receptionist at the hotel he said it wouldn’t be a problem to stay another night…
We had dinner at the same place as we had lunch…as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of choice around due to the season being ‘out of season’
After a great meal and a chat about bikes…again, customs etc. we headed off to continue to play catch up on the blog, but yet again we had really slow Wi-Fi, which is so frustrating, it took forever to attached a few photos to our blog!8404888580_7d3c1b0278_b

After breakfast the next morning we said our ‘Good-Byes’ to Steven (Steven’s Way Of Life) & headed off out ourselves for a ride to Jeriau Amenity Forest, after about a 25 minute walk we came to a swimming hole used by locals,8415433517_139d93e25d_b8416532434_fdceeebd65_m
It must be very refreshing in the hotter months, i don’t think many tourists come down here as the road is not at all maintained, half of it was missing!
On the way back up to Fraser Hill we stopped at a local cafe for a bite to eat…the Malays certainly know how to cook, after feeling rather full we headed back to the Hotel, to do some more blogging…thats all we seem to do…lol…but when the WIFI is crap, it takes forever…Grrrrr


as the clouds & rain rolled in, so did the night, so after another delicious meal at the same English pub style restaurant we went to the night before (not a lot of choice out of season), again we were also the only people in the restaurant…not quite sure how these businesses stay afloat…maybe they make enough in the high seasons?
The next morning as we were packing the bike up, and some bikers that had parked next to us came over and started up a conversation, they wanted to know where we were going, how much it cost, how old we were etc, they were similar age…thats all i’m going to say!
They are part of a bike group ‘Kedah Stars Bikers’a great bunch of guys.
So once agin after packing up we set off for the Genting Highlands…and so the journey continues!

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2 thoughts on “Up in the clouds on Fraser Hill

  1. nazri zakaria on said: to read your blog almost everyday..must be a fun and memorable ride each days for both of you..wish you and your loving wife had a safe journey and safe travel..till we meet again..hope one day we will meet again..bikers are all friends..

    • Thank you Nazri,it was great to meet you guys,our time in Malaysia has sadly come to an end,the people we have met and the places we have been to have been great,we cross the border into Thailand tomorrow,Clive and Chris

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