On our great adventure

Genting Highlands…Fun City in the clouds…

8426703472_4e91f33013_bGenting Highlands…The fun city in the clouds…we came, we saw, we left!

It was a case of do we or don’t we go to The Genting Highlands, we had heard various reports about it, some say its tacky, some say they loved it, but we really wanted to keep an open mind about the place and decide for ourselves! Plus the main reason for us to go there was we wanted to go on the Skyway that goes up the side of the mountain!
So after getting up to another beautiful morning we were off to our next destination, with the bike loaded up, off we go. As we set off down the winding mountain you could feel the temperature rising, after a while the heat got too much for us, its wasn’t so bad going along but having to stop at traffic lights all the time it got a bit unbearable…so we had to stop & take off our bike jackets, with the jackets secured, we set off again towards the Genting Highlands we had to stop again going up the mountain to put the jackets back on!!! As it was drizzling slightly and there were thick clouds rolling in.8425623155_9e3c470fd4_b

The roads all the way up the mountain were mainly 6 lanes (3 each way) and they were fantastic roads, they would have been ‘awesome’, if it wasn’t for the speed bumps dotted every few hundred metres!
We arrived at the top in thick mist you could only see about a metre in front of you, and trying to find a car park was a challenge, cars & buses everywhere, no real directions on parking, after riding around for a while we eventually found a spot to park.
We headed of to an entrance to be greeted by slot machines galore, people were everywhere and this is out of season!
The clouds were so thick they were coming into the lobby so it looked like there was fog on the inside,bizarre!
We took the escalators down and down to where we were going we weren’t sure, it was a bit hard to find your way around the maze of corridors and hallways… It felt a bit like going to Ikea!,trapped and cant get out!8425612777_a7a912bf9c_b
We eventually arrived at what looked like an indoor fair, all sorts of rides and amusements to keep any child happy… After having a drink and a wonder we decided we better look for some where to stay, so back on the bike and riding down the misty hill we went, to search for a hotel…with one found and all settled in we set off to find what we came here for ‘The Skyway’ It cost RM6 each…20 minutes later we were off, heading into the unknown, as we couldn’t see anything as the mist decided to cover us as we headed up the mountain!
With all this fresh air it was making us hungry, so much to choose from, we really were spoilt for choice in the end we choose ‘Kenny Roger’s Rosters’ even though it was ‘cool’ we decided on a chicken salad and let me tell you it was the best chicken salad we have had plus it was only RM16.50 which is just over $5.00, but wait there’s more we also got a muffin with the meal, and boy it was delicious.
So after feeling rather full we headed off back to the Skyway, we only just made it! It was the last one for the evening as well! It would have been a long walk back to our hotel!!!
We decided one night in Genting was enough for us.8426704590_8306f30627_b8426715900_b875ed902a_b
In morning we could’nt resist riding up those twisties one more time to the Chinese temple sin chow,which was perched on the side of mountain.8415435743_b87c60c639_b
With all the twisties out the way we were of to the Cameron Highlands.

Here’s a little bit of info about the Genting Highlands, Its only about fifty kilometers from Kuala Lumpur so it should only take about an hour to get there. It’s also the most developed hill resort in Malaysia. At 2,000 meters above sea level, many Malaysian people come to the Genting Highlands exclusively for the discos, Casino, slot machines and kids amusements!!!

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