On our great adventure

Banana Fritters and High Teas in the Cameron Highlands…….

After getting up early so we could go in search of some breakfast, as the Hotel we were staying at didn’t do food! When we got outside of the hotel all the restaurants that were open the previous day were shut…dam…they wouldn’t be open till about 10.30am…WHAT, so we had to leave with our tummies rumbling, So with rumbling tummies we headed of to the Chin Swee temple half way up the mountain so we could take a few photos…without the fog and mist, ok with that all done we head off back down the mountain and ride towards Cameron.

Riding up to Cameron was not what we expected, we thought the roads would be similar to that of the ones at Genting, how wrong could we be, the roads were quite bad, like a tar patch work quilt with many holes and a few really low branches that hit you in the head if you weren’t looking! As there was only one lane the traffic was very slow, especially if you got stuck behind a truck with a smelly exhaust and would have to wait until the road was either clear or wide enough to overtake…
On the sides of the roads were littered with sad looking bamboo huts with the locals trying to sell their products it was the total opposite to Genting, it reminded us of the mountain roads in Laos.8429969062_f9303a251b_b
As we arrived you couldn’t help notice that there were loads of Land Rovers, apparently the Cameron Highlands has the highest density of Land Rovers on the road anywhere in the world (outside a British Army Garrison) there are more than 4000 Land rovers found in the highlands! Most of them are mainly used on the tea plantations.8429908802_e51e8472fe_b
We arrived at The Planters Hotel in Tanah Rata, settled in and went off to explore.
After having a good dinner at a restaron that the locals use we headed off back to the Hotel for the night.
The next day we knew we needed to cram a lot into one day…thank goodness we have our own transport!8428827223_27a35e7694_b8429930734_a8776814ee_b
Riding up to the Mossy Forest (also known as cloud forest) was just beautiful, the roads were twisting here and there around the lush green Tea Plantations, as we got nearer to the Forest the weather grew cooler and mistier, with cameras in hand we set off to see the mossy forest, well it didn’t disappoint it was beautiful, even though you couldn’t see past 5 metres, I kept expecting to see elf’s peeking through the hollows in the tree’s… no elf’s but a young couple getting their wedding photo’s taken, the bride looked stunning even though she was shivering, the things you do to get the perfect photo!!!8429931924_a07508ae8d_b8428843763_06d53a542f_b
Back on the bike and up to Gunung Brinchang, which is the highest point in Malaysia accessible by road! The road was really narrow and twisty,we were blowing the air horn on every corner as there was nowhere to stop if something was coming the other way in the fog!The road was very slippery and lots of pot holes,my tyre choice proved to be the right one so far!. There is a look out tower to climb, which we did, but we couldn’t see a thing…lol8428817239_1828f3a2c1_b8429931336_a7ed9de07a_b
Back on the iron horse, we headed back down the mountain only to find ourselves stuck in a traffic jam, two way traffic on a really narrow lane don’t work well, we couldn’t even get through on the bike, so after watching the ‘show’ for about 15 minutes the traffic started to flow finally.8428862497_7e2a62366d_b

We sped off to try a cuppa at the Cameron tea planation,it was so good we ended buying some tea!8429933302_1e1333e6b8_b8428828885_c1e418253f_b8428864505_4715703c06_b
Next stop the Big Red Strawberry Farm, not only did they grow strawberries there but also grew an amazing selection of salad vegetables…I settled for a Devonshire Tea, the homemade strawberry jam was the best, and Clive have a massive bowl of strawberries and cream, I must admit I was rather jealous! 8419607444_bd01fa1f2a_b


Next on the list was to take the bike back to the hotel, so we could go to Robinson Falls which was not too far from the hotel, the walk was relaxing and just what we needed after a full on day, the falls would have been stunning if they were in full force, but we still enjoyed them, on the way back to the hotel we stopped at a local stall to buy some banana fritters with soft brown sugar sprinkled on them 5 for RM1 = AU 30cents OMG they were so delicious we had to buy more…very naughty i know but you have to support the locals don’t you?
We fuelled the bike up and the young girl petrol attendant wanted to get on the back of the bike so how could i refuse!8428865113_c749942c21_b
When we returned back to the hotel Clive did some routine stuff with the bike,oiled the chain,checked engine oil and tyre pressures for our ride to Ipoh the next day.

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