On our great adventure

Ao Nang…Sand, Sea and Hammocks….


After exiting Malaysia with no problems, we then went to the Thailand border.


After we spent an hour going back and forth! We were finally off…Yippee country number 2.
You immediately notice the difference in the road surfaces once in Thailand… bumpy, patchy and in need of some ‘love’.

We set off towards Ao Nong with Clive riding as fast as the roads would let us, only stopping for a couple of breaks, the ride took about 6 hours, so we were pretty pleased with that.
Ao Nang is a small resort town and sub district in the Mueang Krabi District of Krabi Province; it’s a region with lush of jungles, limestone cliffs and serene islands floating just offshore in the Andaman Sea.
We managed to get a bed for the night in a hotel that we had previously stayed in a few years ago, as we knew it had a safe place to park the bike, after a quick dip and a bite to eat, we went for a wonder around town, I must admit we both found it very busy with loads of tourist, just like last time we were here, but I think we have changed and are less tolerant of ‘some’ tourists.
That evening we got straight on to Trip Advisor to see what was around…’BINGO’ we saw a place (Pine Bungalow) that looked just what we were after, next morning we headed off to check this place out (Trip Advisor you are the best)…lucky for us they had a vacancy in a hut directly opposite the sea…YES…The place has lots of huts at various prices, the whole place has a relaxing charm about it, uneven brick walls put together by kids I think…lol…surrounded by lush trees and plants.
After ‘moving’ we went for a swim in the crystal clear waters …OMG…this was just what we needed, some R and R, although we did have a couple of days of ‘exercise’…throwing the frizz bee to each other in the sea!!!

With a couple of days of just doing…not a lot really we decided we needed to keep doing some more of the same! So we extended our stay a couple more nights, it was just what we needed.
On one of the days we were there, there was a flurry of excitement; the Princess of Thailand was coming past ‘Pine Bungalows’ (she has a summer house about 5oo meters on the same road)
So we went up to greet only to be told ‘No photos’ and you had to knee!
We couldn’t really see her anyway the tint on her car window was REALLY dark, plus which car was she in? As there were about 20 cars in her procession!
After another evening of watching the sun going down, we had to drag our selves back to our hut to start packing…NOOOO… we don’t want to leave this place of peace, sea, sand and hammocks.
The next morning with tears in our eyes (only joking) we reluctantly loaded up the bike and headed north…

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