On our great adventure

Our summary and thoughts on Malaysia….

Our summary and thoughts on Malaysia

The people are kind, friendly and very helpful
The Muslims are not against Christmas as ‘they’ would have us believe in Australia, we went to a shopping centre near one of the biggest mosques in Malay and they had Christmas decorations up…go figure!
There is a big ethnic mix of cultures, Chinese, Indians, Malays and they all get on fine,
The petrol is cheap with the price a litre being $.59 Australian.
We used 154 litres of fuel.
We did a total of 2,210 klms
The roads are very good, especially the expressways which are free for motorbikes! take note Thailand!
Some foods are very spicy, tastes great but for are delicate tummy we had to have a break from it once and a while…
They do the best bakeries thanks Roti Boy for the extra kilos!!!
The best tasting tea at the Cameron highlands
Fried banana with soft brown suger yummy!!!
Starbucks do the worst coffee here.
Local food is very cheap and tasty.
It was hard to source fresh fruit and vegetables, until we hit the Cameron Highlands.
Legoland amusement park rocks! We will be back….
Hot springs were fantastic.
Moterbikers always waved at us and when they talked to us it was ‘where you from’, ‘how much was the bike’ ‘how much did it cost to bring over’.
It showers a lot ha ha! we got caught a couple of times!
Hard to get a beer sometimes, being largely a Muslim country.
Lots of great history.
We previously only had short stopovers in KL and we didn’t realise what a beautiful country Malaysia is, we only stayed a month we could have stayed a lot longer!
I don’t think we would have seen as much as we did and meet some the fantastic people without having a motorbike.

Thank you Malaysia…Number 1….

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4 thoughts on “Our summary and thoughts on Malaysia….

  1. Great to hear you liked it, I will be there in a few weeks, I am hoping to find cheaper lodgings than my first night there, fuel sounds great, it is expensive here in Cambodia

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