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After arriving at Hua Hin we went for the usual walk about to get our bearings, along the way we found the beach, there we saw hundreds of sun shades and deck chairs row after row after row with tourists packed in like sardines! If you get my drift…I’m sure its some tourists kind of heaven, but not ours so we made a hasty retreat and headed off to look for a hair saloon for me! Well I found one and the lady told me it would cost 1400 BHT about $40 for a full head of foils, just to clarify for those (men) that don’t know that’s a real bargain, so I sat while the girl did my hair, the finished result looked ok but on closer inspection it looks like I have a month of regrowth…what the! I should have gone back but figured if she couldn’t get it right the first time she won’t get it right the next time, you get what you pay for I suppose…Hummm I wonder if Cambodia has any decent hair saloons??
The next day was going to be a busy one as we wanted to go to Khao Sam Roi Yot which means Mountains with 300 peaks, which describes the landscape of the park quite well.
We headed off for the 60k ride which took us through some pretty villages off the main highway until we came to Bang Pu Village which is set on the beach, we parked and secured the bike, and headed up and down the mountain of 1km length of steps…if that’s what you can call them! (If you are not feeling so energetic you can catch the water taxi and it will drop you off at the beach).
My legs were killing me from the 100’s of steps we climbed 2 days before, so every step was painful, but I continued on without moaning….lol
We arrived at Hat Sam Phraya beach, which was lined with pine trees gently swaying in the hot breeze, it was so peaceful here after the hustle and bustle of the busy town of Hua Hin, apparently you can rent huts or camp here!
So after buying more water from the little café that’s located here we set off for the next stage, we followed the signs to the cave and set about climbing the mountain with more ‘steps’
Arriving at the top hot and pooped we came to the first entrance of the cave clambering down carefully and trying not to slip on the wet rocks!
Safely at the bottom of the gigantic first cave, we took a look to the left and through a narrow opening we could just about see the Temple as we entered the vast cavern you immediately notice, the sun shining down through a large hole, allowing plants and trees to grow, and the main reason we were there was to see Phra Thi Nang Khuha Kharuhat which is a Thai-style pavilion. It was first built during the reign of King Chulalongkorn and was later dismantled and recreated in the cave, it’s a shame we weren’t there half an hour earlier as the sun would have been shinning down on the Temple ☹ oh well may be next time.Two kings have also visited the cave and have carved there name into the wall.

We spent about an hour in the cave until the only people in the left were our selves and a young boy selling water… it was so peaceful and calm.
Going back down the mountain towards the beach we could hear loads of rustling in the trees, so we stopped and waited in silence, hoping that the rustling we were hearing the going to be the shy rare Dusky leaf monkey, spectacled langur, or spectacled leaf monkey, it was they are far bigger than I imagined and so cute, we tried in vain to get some good photos, but the monkeys were not going to pose.
Back down at the beach, the sea was far to inviting not to take a dip, the waters were warm and shallow, Aaaahhh just what we needed, we had to go out quite away just to get to waist deep!
We got the water taxi (200 baht) , (we both didn’t have the energy to walk back up and down the mountain and on the stairs )back to Bang Pu Village beach.
That evening we found an English restaurant, which did a full roast dinner…with Yorkshire puds I might add? Clive was in heaven, not only did he have his own Yorkshires but mine as well; he was a happy camper that evening!
Now what better way than to end an eventful day is having a few Chang beers and getting ready for our next town…Pattaya…..

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