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The roads from Hua Hin were relatively clear from traffic, which was a great start, but as time went on it gradually got busier. As we nearing Bangkok we did notice that the trucks were more decorative with fancy steel patterns on the front, back and sides.

The roads soon became very busy…we must be on the outskirts of Bangkok!
Roads going in every direction, the road signs were hard to see when you get tree branches covering them! Thank goodness for the GPS, so we follow the road 35 that the GPS is telling us to be on, then all of sudden we are on the Bang Phil-Suk Sawat Expressway, good as we could see we have to cross the big bridge that crosses the river , we get in line to pay the bridge toll, only to be called over to the side of the road by the traffic Police.
Licence please….
‘Hello my friend, where are you going?’’How re you today’ ‘You can’t use the Express way’, let me see your licence…. The cop told us…NO SCOOTERS, PUSH BIKES, TUK TUKS AND MOTORBIKES! Are you kidding, What a joke! We had to turn the bike around right in front of the queue of traffic which was in front of the boom gate, and ride towards the on coming traffic!

OK now what? We could see we had to get across the river and needed to hug the coastline and avoid going into Bangkok, but this was not impossible…Grrrr…
After going around in circles…lol…a few times, as the GPS was telling us to get back on the Expressway…’it’ doesn’t seem to realise we were on a motorbike!!! So not having a real detailed map of how to avoid this and to get the correct road into Bangkok City, we finally found the correct road, and it wasn’t as bad as we thought, we had to do a bit of arrggy barggy with the traffic but nothing we haven’t done before.
We were lucky s we rode most of the way through Bangkok in the shade under the Express Way, it would have been really unpleasant in the full sun (wearing full motorbike gear) as the traffic was pretty much stop start through the city.


The city skyline started to thin out so we knew we were leaving the city, which was great until we hit road works, we were directed off the highway onto a side busy road, then a few hundred meters then guided back onto the highway this went on for an hour or so…on, off, on, off…what a pain.

Finally making it into Pattaya 3 hours later than we should of, all because we couldn’t go on the expressway.

As We rode into the town of Pattaya our first thoughts were what sort of place have we come to, it was full of tourists, it was a bit like Phuket but on a larger scale……
We had an address of a guesthouse that had good reviews but it took us ages to find it as yet again there was a tree branch covering the sign!
We pulled up out side the guesthouse ‘Sorry full’…ok…back on the bike, we knew we passed a few guesthouses coming down the lane and thought we would try some, the last guest house (MP-Mansion) we tried had a room available and had reasonable safe parking.

The manager Behazd was a very friendly guy and his staff welcoming.
We were only going to stay 1 night but decided to stay 2 as the guest house had a great pool to lounge around and fast wifi so we could catch up on some blogs…

the next day after a great breakfast we decided to go and have a walk up the big hill which over looks Pattaya town and bay areas,which also happens to have a large statue of a big Buddha, the walk up the hill was hot, but after all the good foods we have eaten lately we needed the exercise, the hill has two peaks the first one we visited was the statue of the Big Buddha ,Wat Phra Yai


Thank goodness for cool breeze at the top, the view wasn’t bad either.
there were some prayer bells which you can ring for a small donation, i thought i sounded pretty good compared to some other people that were having a go!


There were also had the usual caged small birds that we have seen in other asian countries before that you can release to the heavens for a fee of course.
The next peak of the hill was where the local radio station broadcast from, it also had a statue and a concrete bunker type of shelter where locals let off chinese fire crackers,while we were there a lady promptly did, wow what a noise, we had to put our fingers in our ears!

We soon began to melt int the heat so we trudged back down the hill back to the guesthouse and straight into the pool for swim before catching up on some blog work and emails…

Later in the early evening we decided to go into town for dinner as we had spotted a Sizzler the day before,
and knowing its a great Aussie restaurant we thought it our duty to check it out plus its known for its delicious variety of salads..which we have been lacking in lately …I think we payed just under $6, and it didn’t disappoint.
How did we get into town? not by motorbike thats for sure,we found out you can flag down pick-up trucks that head into town, ferry you back and forth into town for a small fee,
how ever it took us a while to get one as they were all full, eventually one came along and we jumped on, hanging off the back!…after about a ten minute ride into town, and we were soon tucking into our Sizzler dinner…Mmmm
We decided to walk along the crowded beach for a while hoping it work help get work off some of the salad dressing off our waistlines! (Ha who are we kidding) As we were walking past the shops Clive spotted a hair saloon as he needed a trim badly! the saloon was worked by to women, as one of them began to trim Clive’s hair the other woman began to pour what looked like Whisky into some mugs for her self and her college!…lol…no wonder they were giggling like school girls!…so with clive’s hair all neat and trim he left with 2 ears intact plus she did a good job and gave us a laugh.
With all that excitement Clive flagged down a Truck/bus going back up the hill this time we didn’t have to hang out the back of the truck as it was all but empty, as most tourists were still coming down for a night on the town…
On summing up Pattaya this sign probably says it all….


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