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On the way to the border on rock hard beds………..

Archive for 11/2/2013.


Riding to Rayong didn’t take long at all, even though the roads were ‘just’ ok, we arrived early afternoon, the town of Rayong it self is pretty big…lots of shops and malls the usual things for a large town…same same!
We needed to be on the other side of the river for hotels and guest houses and next to the coastline, so over the small bridge and riding with the sea to the left of us we rode down the grubby street, and from seeing how many run down and abandoned hotels and huts there were, we reckoned this area would have once been a booming coastal town, having said that there are still a few decent hotels along the strip.
We found a small motel style place which cost 800 Baht, the motel had secure parking for the bike…as the bike always comes first of the list when choosing a place to stay… Lol
Ok the bikes sorted, we had dumped our bags in the room and quickly got changed into our swimmers, this place had a massive pool, even better we had the pool to our selves, Clive climbed the water slide, and as he got to the top he realized it I wasn’t bolted to the ground and was a bit wobbly, plus he was too big for it, he would have been wedged at the top of the slide if he sat down… Lol… So with the slide out of the picture he opted for the diving board, too scared to bounce at the end in case the board snapped he just dived off, I didn’t have ago, as I didn’t want to show him up with ‘belly flops’!

The judges gave Clive 9/10…

Rayong beach was nothing spectacular; it would better without the litter! The locals didn’t seem to mind swimming with litter though they were having a great time splashing about.

Old style playground…

In the evening after a very disappointing meal we headed back to our motel, but not without first admiring the setup the local mobile restaurants had done, all along the beach front they had coffee size tables on mats, with small coloured lamps lighting up each table, it really did look lovely, we should have eaten there, but the meals were all sea food and unfortunately, we don’t ‘do’ seafood!



The next morning after sleeping on rock hard beds that were ‘hand’ me downs from Fred Flintstone we set of for Khlong yai which is close to the border Thai/Cam border crossing), this will be our last night in Thailand (for a few weeks anyway)

Waiting out the rain…

Half way to Khlong yai it started to rain so this was as good time as any to stop for a break, while I went off to the café to get coffee’s, Clive got the cheese and tomato sandwiches ready that I had made up…I only made them as we had a fridge/freezer in our last hotel room and was able to freeze a bottle of water, what more could you ask for…cake you say…umm I agree, well funny that because just as we were about to leave a young boy from the petrol station came up to us and gave us 2 cakes and walked away with a big grin, 1 cake was bright green and the other bright yellow, they were the size of a muffin and had a light fruity taste to them, and to my surprise were delicious, just wish the boy had brought them out earlier when we still had some coffee left!!!!… I will expect this every time we stop now!
Riding the rest of the way didn’t take long at all, even though the roads were ‘just’ ok, we arrived early afternoon.


Riding into Khlong yai the roads are pretty good and there wasn’t much traffic, in fact there wasn’t much of anything around just trees and the odd house, just before we approached the main part of the town we found a nice motel with wooden hut accommodation…basic and clean, and the most important thing was the bike could be parked right outside our hut.


We needed to get some supplies so into town we rode, the main streets were like a ghost town shops were shut, no traffic and no people!!!
We headed down a side street and found the ‘action’ of the fishing village, everyone seemed to be staring at us, maybe because we were tired it just felt like that, they probably don’t get too many westerners riding into town! Most people just shoot through… Although I’m sure they were just curious, so we opted for 7/11 and brought pot noodles for tea!
We had flavors that we don’t get back home Thai green curry (made your lips tingle) and veggie pork noodles they were delicious.
We didn’t have such a great night, apart from the bed being as hard as a rock, it seems the local biker kids on their 125cc stay at our motel for the weekend and right next to our hut… this place has many huts and 95% were empty and they were given huts right next to us 😦 they were pretty noisy for most of the night, so I had a plan for the morning as we were going to leave early… we would sound the air horn and wake them all up… lol… but the ‘baby biker club’ foiled that plan, they were all up and gone before we had even finished loading the bike… Damm…

Oh well better head off to the border on Highway No. 318, the ride took about 10 minutes, passing through the narrowest part of Thailand, to the border control at Ban Hat Lek.


We parked the bike up and headed off to customs where they stamped the bike Carnet out of Thailand, passport control, it took about half an hour to get cleared it would have been quicker if the signage was clearer, oh well that’s what you get when your in Thailand and can’t read Thai, no ones fault but our own!
Good-bye Thailand see you shortly…

Now into Cambodia and the scam that we are prepared for………

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