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Dusty tracks and Missing Cables……..Siam Reap……Part One

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The ride into Siem Reap was just like all towns, traffic everywhere and people rushing around doing their own thing…was it really 5 years ago we were last here, nothing much seems to have changed!
The last time we were here we stayed near the night markets, but this time we decided a pool would be on our list of must haves for accommodation this trip…We knew exploring the temples is hot and tiring work so a cool dip in a pool in the afternoon would be very welcoming .The Lotus Lodge was our choice, and the reviews were pretty good.
Clive had entered the details in the GPS…Great we should have no problems finding the hotel now, but for some reason (this happens a lot!) we seemed to be going round in circles (not sure how we will make it to the UK…lol) the GPS sent us down a very narrow, very hilly and very dusty track… this can’t be right! And the heat of the day wasn’t the only thing that was rising; our tempers with each other were also rising! It was easier for me to get off the bike and walk as the bike was heavy enough fully loaded without my extra weight…I asked a local if this was the correct way to the lodge “yes” he said ” just keep following the track you cant miss it”
Clive went off ahead of me looking like he was riding around on a BMX track.
After walking about 1 km…) it’s a long way in bike trousers and under the hot sun)…Clive was parked up outside the hotel with a group of young kids talking to him and asking for money! …yippee .We had worked out for some reason we had come in the back way…..


When the bike was parked and we had checked in all we wanted to do was have a swim, but the young receptionist had other ideas and insisted that she take us for a tour of the lodge before we go to our room…dam. I know she’s only doing her job…but we just wanted to go for a swim.
Once the girl had shown us around, we thanked her and raced to our room, we were like little kids we couldn’t get there fast enough, I dug out our swimmers and we headed straight into the pool…
Oh yes this is what we needed…feeling much calmer with each other now that we had a chance to cool down, we relaxed on the sun loungers with a cold drink…this is the life!
With the afternoon coming to an end we headed back to our room to get showered and changed, and head out for dinner, first we needed a tuk tuk …great there’s some outside the hotel, we get in the tuk tuk head into ‘Pub street’
Pub street hadn’t changed that much since we were last there a few years ago, although it was much busier, a few of the surrounding streets had changed a slightly… where we once had a tasty ‘dollar’ meal, had now made way for some big fancy restaurants all along that street 😦 good or bad I’m not sure, just progress I suppose…so seeing as there was no dollar meal to be found we ended up having pizza in a side alley…
Feeling rather bloated we walked around to the night markets, so many great things to buy, and so little space on the bike, yeah we could send things back by post, but not buying anything now means we will have to return!!! 🙂
After such a tiring day we decide to get a tuk tuk and head back to the hotel… finding a Tuk Tuk … isn’t hard you just have to follow the sound of the chooks… as that’s what it sounds like when all the Tuk Tuk drivers start calling out for your attention…lol
On returning to the hotel, we check our emails etc before turning in for the night, but first we need to charge up the cameras, laptop etc…
‘Have you seen to recharge cable for the lap top?’ Clive asks in a frustrated voice
‘No’ I said, in a calm manner.
Oh no Clive has ‘misplaced’ the recharge cord for the laptop…
It must be back in Battambang where we have just left..
So while I email the hotel in Battambang (using the android) Clive does another search through ALL the bags, he assures me!!!
I decide to do another search, just to make sure he didn’t miss anything! i check every bag except the bag that we keep all the cables I, as Clive has been through it 2 or 3 times and swears its not in there don’t bother wasting time checking it! As its defiantly not in there …ok!
As there was nothing more we could do that night, so we head to the land of where dreams are made of…
After a good nights sleep and some breakfast I check my email to see if the hotel in Battambang had replied…
They did and nothing was left in the room…shit… that means we’re going to have to get another cable from the ‘apple’ store, lucky for us there’s not one but two in Siam Reap… $95 later we have a new cord, We head straight back to the lodge and plug in the lap top to start charging…
Quickly i pack a few things in a backpack while Clive tidies up his bag of cables…
All of s sudden I hear a comment…something a long the lines of ‘shit’…’what’s up’ I reply ‘didn’t you check this cable bag’ Clive said ‘ummm no, you said don’t bother-why? i reply back.
Clive shows me the contents of his cable bag…
Yes you got it the ‘apple’ cable was in there all the time…lol…by this time we were laughing or were we crying, I’m not sure…
We have just wasted all that money getting a new cable, when all I had to do was look in the flaming cable bag…
Clive even tried to say I put the cable in the bag when he wasn’t looking… lol…
We couldn’t even take the new cable back as Clive had ripped opened the cable box….
Oh well ….back to eating one dollar meals for a few days to re-coup some money….lol.
The moral of the story is DONT listen to your husband!!!
So with the cable ‘issue’ sorted, we can now enjoy what we came here for…The Temples.

So back on the bike to buy our 3 day pass for the temples…

to be continued…

Two short videos of the RIGHT way to the main road…….

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One thought on “Dusty tracks and Missing Cables……..Siam Reap……Part One

  1. Steve & Kate Call on said:

    Have fun stay safe.Roll on november still miss you both,its been a while but i still think of you both alot. love to you Steve C

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