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Banteay Srei…

Archive for 24/2/2013


The next day after breakfast, I made a picnic lunch and we headed out of town about 37 kms to a temple that we thought we hadn’t been to before…….

Banteay Srei which means “city of women”……


Walking towards the Temple we soon realize that we have been here before……


Never mind as it is one temple of a few temples that still has most of its detailed and intricate carvings still intact, even after all these years…….



After about 10 minutes of being there about five coaches must have pulled up as swarms of tourists arrived…….


The place was chock-a-block, it was now almost impossible to get a photo without five or so people in the picture as


These were very small buildings almost child size……..8567708569_e161abc7f9_b

They also suggest these building were libarys…..

Feeling a little hungry we decide to have an early lunch…….


This guy was selling fresh palm juice…..

We manage to find a quiet place to sit and enjoy our French sticks filled with cheese, tomato and onion …delicious…..


There were young kids there but this time they didn’t bother to try and sell us something……Maybe because we brought our own lunch they though we had no money…..

lunch over we head back to the lodge……

we decided yesterday that today was going to be an easy day…it’s a hard life being on holiday!

Short video of getting through some of the temples……

So we set off back to to have a swim and catch up with some of the blog writing…

Yet again we ended up eating dinner at the lodge as it was easier and the food was good and I wasn’t feeling to well…. not being near a toilet was not an option! The next morning we had plans to go to the ‘Rolus Group’, which we knew we hadn’t been to before…..

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