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Roluos Group……without my Lara Croft….

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Got up and we had are usual breakfast, omelette baguette for me, toast and marmalade for Chris and we snuck away a couple of baguettes to go with my cheese for lunch today….

Chris wasn’t feeling to good today, didnt want to venture to far from a toilet…..

I wanted to use are last day of our pass to go and visit the Roluos group of temples south of the city …..


Among “Rolous Group” of temples there are some of the earliest permanent structures built by Khmer. They mark the beginning of classical period of Khmer civilization, dating from the late 9th century. Some were totally built with bricks, others partially with laterite or sandstone

These were new to me as the last time we were here we run out of time…

I had the usual early morning fight with the traffic, really bad where the market is but after that it was a good run…

The first temple on the left, Lolei i shot past as it wasn’t clearly marked, I think this group is clearly overlooked compared with Ankor Wat……

The temple of Lolei originally formed an island in the middle of a Baray (3,800 by 800 meters), now dry.It was built in the end of the ninth century….

The side road that leads to Lolei was a dusty road and I got just in front of a minibus… So he ate my dust…..

Loei is really showing its age with lots of supports and scaffolding…



I had a young monk approach me and practised some English on me…


Next it was on to Preah Ko which is the overside of the highway…..


Preah Ko (Sacred Bull) derives its name from the three statues of sandstone located in the front of and facing the temple’s central towers



Further down the track was a lot bigger temple Bakong.
It is the first temple mountain of sandstone constructed by rulers of the Khmer empire at Angkor near modern Siem Reap in Cambodia, in the final decades of the 9th century AD.


Complete with moat and water Lily’s…..

A really picturesque place and not to busy compared with the last couple of days…..


I walked around the grounds enjoying the peacefulness and shade from the tree and marvelled at the steps and the height of that temple….


Large stone statues of elephants are positioned as guardians at the corners of the three lower levels of the pyramid.



Its a pity the elephants trunks are long gone now….


I walked up to the top of the temple and sat in the shade for a while and had my cheese roll relaxing in a bit of a breeze, it was hot out in the sun.

It was here that i found a new way for the touts how to get money from the tourists, a young girl walked straight up to me and put on my finger a woven ring and we was just about to put in the ring a flower, before demanding money, but i beat her to it and said no… she then took back the ring….lol….

Getting back onto my bike I took a bit of a short cut, down a dusty back road through some small villages and found some more ruins hidden in the bush, this place certainly has some history….

Arriving back to the guest house late in the afternoon, Chris was feeling much better and we went for a swim , tomorrow we have plans to visit a temple that was off the beaten path and still being fought over between the Thais and Cambodians……….

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2 thoughts on “Roluos Group……without my Lara Croft….

  1. Steve & Kate Call on said:

    Hi Clive & Chris,
    Glad you are having such a good time, looking forward to seeing you guys when you get to good old Blighty!! Cambodia looks fantastic, wish we were there.
    love Steve & Kate

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