On our great adventure

Prearh Vihear…….an insane steep road to get to it……..


Well we tried to get here on are last trip to Kampochia, but due to heavy conflict from the Thais and Cambodians it was a no go area at the time, we actually saw many trucks with troops heading up there that time and it was pretty full on……


Thats where we are going……


In April 2009, soldiers exchanged fire across the disputed border. More serious trouble flared in February 2011, when at least eight people were killed in several days of fighting. The violence moved westwards to another set of temples in April, before shifting back to Preah Vihear, as widespread clashes forced tens of thousands to flee.


Evidence of Bunkers and still being used today….



The Hindu temple was built mainly in the 11th and 12th centuries, by the same Khmer civilisation that built Angkor Wat. The Khmers dominated the region for five centuries.


Thailand also took advantage of the chaos during World War II to occupy large chunks of western Cambodia, including the temples at Angkor Wat. It was forced to hand them back when the war ended.


Looking over the Thailand border….
But this time it had queiten down a bit , with just a mexican stand off going on now……


Preah Vihear is about 200klms from Siam Reap, so we knew it would be about a five hour round trip so we packed our lunch and left early to try and beat the heat spend enough time exploring and get back before it got to dark…..

There wasn’t much traffic and we made pretty good time, asking for directions a couple of times as it was not clearly posted.


These guys were fascinated by the bike…

We arrived at the foot of the Mountain and went into the ticket office, the ticket was free but they wanted are passports which we didn’t have, but they succumbed and settled for just the passport numbers ,i think its to stop people escaping into Thailand?…..

going up……

The road up started good enough, nice smooth concrete zig zagging up the Mountain , then the zig zagging stopped and just went straight up, insanely steep, with me leaning over the handle bars and Chris leaning into me to stop us flipping over backwards…..


Unbelievable steep…..

Upon dismounting we noticed a lot of soldiers around all dug into bunkers…..


There was a really long causeway just up to the start of the temple……

Plenty of signs around just in case anyone forgets…..





We found a nice shady and breezy spot and just chilled and had lunch,we were just about the only ones there….



You can make out the road before it went vertical…..




Over looking Cambodia…..


I went up to have a closer look at this bunker and the soldiers invited me to have a look through these huge binoculars and when i did i saw a Thai soldier looking straight back at me in his binoculars…….




Turning around….

Coming back down….

All in i think this would have to be my favourite temple in the whole of Cambodia, just think it was hard enough to build Ankor on a flat plain , but to build something like this on a mountain top , took some doing………

On the way back we saw all these new houses being built , all in a row and about three deep from the road , i think maybe future barracks for soldiers….


We arrived back late afternoon, we were hot, dusty and tired, was it worth it, hell yeah……

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One thought on “Prearh Vihear…….an insane steep road to get to it……..

  1. Steve & Kate Call on said:

    some cracking photos. Sorry some of my replys are a bit later than when you sent E mails.Health not been to good.Wish i was with you hell of a good trip . Stay safe. Loveto you both Steve C

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