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Race to the border……

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We left after our usual breakfast at the Lotus Lodge, we yet again snuck away a couple of rolls and hard boiled eggs to make our lunch….
Our destination was to cross the border back into Thailand so we could make a quick dash across Thailand to get to the border of Laos at the city of Vietianne at the friendship bridge.

The quickest way out of Cambodia and to avoid the main border at Poipet was to cross up in the mountains at Osmach….

Once we had left Siam Reap and turned towards the mountains the wind on the flat plains was really gusty and made for an interesting ride on a straight and boring road…



The border crossing went very smooth on both sides and it was a sad exit as we both loved are time in Kampuchea and its people…so we are sure to return again…..

Once through no mans land it was back to driving on the left again…



We were glad to see the Amazons coffee shops at the petrol stations again though, they were a welcome relieve when are backsides were getting sore…..and they always had great gardens and quirky garden ornaments ….


We didnt know how far we would get today, but wanted to cover as much milage as we could so we could get into Laos…..

We kept pushing on and on until we had reached the city of Udon Thani a distance of 632ks for the day…

Udon Thani is a huge modern city much bigger than we thought it would be…after riding around for a short while we found a guest house not far from some huge shopping malls, that sold just about anything, and that intertwined with the night markets… we spotted a KFC for dinner, which we were looking forward to but were disappointed , it was tasteless, i think they lost the secret recipe here…….


In the morning we once again packed the bike up again after having a decent coffee and breakfast at McDonalds…Cafes and shops open late here so Maccas was the only place open 🙂

We were only a hour away from the Laos border and the friendship bridge at Nong Khai, yet again it was quite a smooth entry and exit, costing us $35.00 each for the Laos visa…..

The Friendship bridge was built by Australian companies as a demonstration of their ability to complete major infrastructural projects in Southeast Asia.




Once back in to Laos it was back to riding on the right side of the road again…..


There were a lot of trucks bringing goods in from Thailand….


Now into Vientiane….

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One thought on “Race to the border……

  1. Steve & Kate Call on said:

    bet you both have blisters on your bums by now. weather here very cold and lots of snow up north. So dont rush. love Steve C

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