On our great adventure

Cambodia summed up…….

Our overview and thoughts on Kampuchea…..

The only Cambodians that tried to scam us were the border guards at the border at Hat Lek Yao……shame on you……

The people have been great, very warm and friendly as we new they were, that’s why we came back for a second visit…

They loved practising there English on us….

Petrol is expensive…..cheapest was $1.27….most expensive….$1.60
How can they afford it?

We used a total of 83 litres at a cost of $ 124.00 and did about 1,8000 klms
We would have done more but had to cut short are time in Cambodia as we were getting behind on our schedule ūüė¶

Motorbikes are not allowed to have headlights on during the day, i can’t turn mine off, but none of the police tried to stop me and try to extort a bribe…

The Cambodians sure know how to BBQ we had some great meals this way…….

They don’t know the meaning of an overloaded vehicle!!
We sure did laugh at some of the things we saw…

They are getting better at driving or did we got used to there style of driving?

We did see a one driving school car, lol!

The Cambodians invented the pothole, it’s their biggest export to date!
We did are best at missing nine out of ten, but there was always one hiding to catch you out!

Cambodians love having family picnics and the sea, we saw them swimming everywhere.

There is no corruption in Cambodia , it’s all done on a commission , everyone will do something for a small fee….!

Commission…. Refer to corruption……lol.

They have some kick ass temples.. The one that tops the lot for us is of course Phrear Vihear……. it’s gonna take some beating……

The Khmer curries are to die for…

They were fascinated with our bike being so big and we had many laughs with them on what our pipe tubes carrying our tools in were used for…..missile launchers….

The town Kampot down south was our favourite for chilling out…..

I invented a new refreshing drink in Angkor Wat…fresh coconut with sprite poured in is a real thirst quencher…. Just what you need after a hot day at the temples.

The Cambodians have had a real hard time in the past with the likes of pol pot{no capitols for this despot} but they have bounced back and got on with it……

We will be back to visit the bits we missed……

Thank you Kampuchean’s….

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One thought on “Cambodia summed up…….

  1. Steve & Kate Call on said:

    take care ride safe.Trouble in N Pakistan rebels killed 8 in attack on power station.Please watch your ass when you get there. Will advise when you get nearer.

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