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Chiang Klong and the Golden Triangle…..

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With all the customs forms sorted, we head off down the correct side of the road!
The left side!

Now to find the guesthouse that I had researched, it can’t be too hard most of the guest houses are on the side of the Mekong…

Found in record time about 10 minutes!
The River House Hotel is a little boutique place that over looks the Mekong, our room wasn’t that big but it was clean and modern…
it’ll do nicely for 2 nights, we were in need of a shower and some fresh clothes, it was a race to see who got in the shower first…ha, I won ☺

Both cleaned up we set off for the bright lights of the town (sadly there were none, it was day light!) first up it was coffee time, I had been hanging out for one all day…despite the heat I still love a coffee.

I spied a coffee shop when we rode through the town earlier that day, so I knew where it was roughly, heading down the main street, passing the Wat Luang Temple, sadly couldn’t get any decent shots because of the poles and signage that blocked getting a ‘full’ shot of the Temple so along the potholed paved street! It was easier to walk on the road!

We walked a fair few k’s… almost giving up on finding this coffee shop, I was beginning to think I had dreamt it…though lack of caffeine…lol

We were getting closer to the ferry terminal!
Hmmm I’m sure it wasn’t this far down the road, and there it was Coffee ‘Riders Coffee’ lots of a replica Harley Davidsons.


Old style tricycle and a few unusual figures greet you as you walk up the pathway…


With the caffeine fix, fixed we set about exploring this little town with what sunlight we had left so headed towards the busy river front…..



local kids swimming in the Mekong, laughed and threw water at each, the Thai Navy guys (that patrol the Mekong) looked very busy cleaning various parts of their boat!


We also did some exercise on the outdoor gym equipment…


That sure got the hunger pangs going, it also didn’t help that we skipped lunch, So with the light fading….


We found a restaurant just down the road from our guest house, after a cheap and delicious meal and a beautiful sunset we headed back to our guest house…

After breakfast we set off for the Golden Triangle, roughly 50 klm’s from Chiang Khong… past lush green rice paddy fields, up, down and around the hills, with magnificent scenery along the way.


The Golden triangle is the point at which the Ruag and Mae Khong River meet and where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand all come together.

Along the side of the river is an enormous golden Buddha which watches the coming and goings of everyone…..


It is surrounded by elephants (not real ones) and many other golden statures……



it’s all a bit over the top, and just in case you have forgotten where you are, there’s lots of signs to remind you!



Just a few meters down the road was an opium museum, as we hadn’t been to one before we thought we had better check it out…


The House of Opium is dedicated to the deadly legacy of the opium trade; the Museum recounts the dark periods of late 60’s when opium trade dominated the Golden Triangle.


Like a lot of touristy places you have to enter and exit through the gift shop…once inside the museum you will notice its mostly dominated by a huge collection of old weights, scales, fancy opium pipes and other paraphernalia of the period of opium trade, they were remarkable, some were even smaller than your small finger nail!

We exit the museum feeling ‘relaxed’ and decide to head down the gang plank and watch some of the long tail boats speeding up and down the river…..


The motors are from cars and boy can they move…


Heading up the gang plank we noticed a groups of monks at a soap stall…not sure if it was for them or maybe a gift for their mums?


After a rather large ice chocolate, we decide to ‘hit’ the road and head back to Chiang Klong…but first we have to make a quick stop to take a photo of an ex radar place!


Ok back on the road again Clive takes one of his ‘short cuts’ lol…that’s the one of the beauties of not being on a time limit it doesn’t matter about the ‘short cuts’…especially when it’s a beautiful hot late afternoon, heading back down the twisty roads only stopping for a photo of a big white Buddha head, that is obvisouly going to be mounted at a later stage…
What a beauty!



We came around a corner at spotted something strange, so we turned around for a picture, a old lady buried in the ground……


Arriving back to the guest house we check our emails, then head out for dinner…deciding to try a different restaurant we pick a little up market restaurant…the food was fine, but I preferred the cheaper restaurant not because it was cheaper but the meal was yummier…just goes to show money can’t buy a decent meal! Now needing something sweet, we went back into the main street to find the lady with the ‘sweet’ stall, I’m not quite sure what the correct name for the sweets are, but some are very similar to the ‘9 layer sweets’ we had in Ipoh, the sweets are amazing bright colours and are delicious…but my favorite were the ground rice cakes, they reminded me of treacle sponge, 😛


The next day before leaving, Clive wanted to get his hair cut…we found an old style barber, with the old seats… it was like we had stepped back in time, as Clive sat down the young barber put ‘Batman’s’ gown on Clive, but back to front…lol the cut only took a couple of minutes with clippers, and just when we thought the barber had finished, he got his scissors and started to trim Clive’s nose hair…well I was just about rolling on the ground in fits of laughter, Clive spotted me laughing through the reflection from the mirror…after the barber finished Clive’s nose, went on to trim his eye brows!!!


By this time I had tears of running down my face and the only thing I could do was put my head in my hands so no one could see me! … If I had known going to watch Clive have his hair trimmed would be so ‘amusing’ I would have brought the video camera with me…So now with the ‘neat and trimmed’ Clive, we went back to the guest house got the bike loaded up and set off for another adventure… Chiang Rai

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2 thoughts on “Chiang Klong and the Golden Triangle…..

  1. Rachel on said:

    Ollie liked the photos especially umpa having his hair cut, ‘ ooh umpas batman’ lol

  2. Steve & Kate Call on said:

    you have my hair cut bald bit and all. S .C

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