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How to get your Chinese Visa in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Getting a Chinese visa in Kathmandu…April 2013

After being flatly refused a Chinese Visa in Bangkok…twice…they didn’t even look at our application form! we decided we would have to try for a visa in Kathmandu…

Now we have arrived in Kathmandu, we walked the 20 minutes or so from Thamel to the Chinese Visa Embassy located in Hattisar, Kathmandu… (This is the only section that deals in Visa’s)

Visa Application and Collection: 09:45 – 11: 00, Monday to Friday (Except holidays)
Official Website:


We arrived at 8.45a.m and the Embassy doors open at 9.45am, as you enter through the door you go through a security scanner, up a couple of steps and towards an area where you can fill out your Visa form…
We still had our old forms from Bangkok, so we didn’t need to fill out a new one.
We then walked through another set of doors leading you into the Visa room.
We were 2nd in the queue, at the Visa Counter’ when it was our turn we handed the clerk:

*Confirmation of your Chinese Hotel booking which has the address and phone number on it.


*1 x passport photo.

*Itinerary of your stay in China.

*1 x Photocopy of passport.

*Application form.

The clerk briefly went through our application forms with us, he said they were fine and when did we want to collect them?

We asked for the Rush Service: NP2700 each and could collect our passports the next morning, between 9.45- 11am.
With that the clerk handed us a Pink Slip, which tells you when you can collect your passport.
It was an easy process…total time 10 minutes ☺

The following morning (with our Pink Slip and our money) we returned to the embassy.
The doors opened a little later this time 10am.
We queued at the far left hand side counter (Naturalization) we handed the clerk our Pink Slip and in return she gave us a voucher saying what you have to pay and whether its in NRP or US dollars, ours was in US dollars.
So make sure you carry both currencies, we could not confirm why we had to pay in US and not Nepalese, (Maybe because we choose the express process?)
Next we head to the Payment counter, (located to the left of the visa room door).
First the security guard (at the payment counter) will either fill out a form for you or give you a for which you will have to fill in the serial numbers that are on the notes that you are giving to the payment clerk.
You then hand in that form with your money get another receipt.

Next go to the Visa Collection point (The sign for this window is printed in small letters).

Hand over your payment receipt.

You will be then given your passport.

Before you leave the Embassy make sure you check your visa to make sure all the details and dates are correct…

Opposite the embassy we did notice a Chinese Visa Agency,that deals with photocopying and helps with form filling for a fee. However only when there is not a power outage.(which happens Frequently)

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6 thoughts on “How to get your Chinese Visa in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  1. Hi,
    We’ll be soon asking our Chinese Visa in Kathmandu, so it’s nice to read someone who actually did it ! For the confirmation of the hotel booking, did you show only the first hotel or all the hotels of your trip ? Thanks !

  2. Steve & Kate Call on said:

    Hi C T who the hell is umpa i take it thats you fat guts. Not that i can call you that any more .Good luck love to both Steve C

  3. Hi, thank you for your useful post. I am looking at doing this early next year and am happy to hear that it seems relatively straightforward. I do have a question though; How long was your Visa valid for and was there an option to extend once in China? Thank you in advance, Reese.

    • Hi reese, sorry for the delay in replying,..lack of Internet! Our Chinese visa was for Transit and valid for 5 days… Not sure if you can extend it, at a guess I would say no, don’t forget you will need a guide if you have your own vehicle Horizons unlimited is a great site to find out information on such rides…

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