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Running to the border………and White Temples….

Archive for the 27/3/2013


Another early morning…..
Ready and packed for our ride back to Chiang Rai…
We said our good byes to the wonderful family who run Hotel SK11, our new Cornish friends Ellen and a sleepy Keith (he doesn’t do mornings)…
Even though it isn’t a long ride to Chiang Rai we wanted to avoid some of the heat of the day..

Riding back we detoured (this was intentional!!!) so we could avoid the highway, instead we took the twisty high road that led to the town of Fang on the 107 then onto the 109, there was still a nasty smoke haze hanging around, which not only gives you a sore throat but also makes your eyes sting…

Great biking roads….

But being ‘bikers’ we toughed it out!…

Coffee break again…….

The roads started to look familiar we must be close to Chiang Rai….

We arrived back at the Chayadol Boutique Resort and were greeted by the friendly staff, we even got the same room…666…lol

Nice big bed and fluffy towels again……

After unpacking we had a quick swim then made our way to Sizzler for tea.
The following morning we had to get up early, so we could get up to the Burmese border and get another 15 visa permit for Thailand…

The streets were quite due it being early…which was great as we made great time riding down the route 1, coming into the Mae Sai town we passed some grand buildings and some tacky looking Roman style buildings?…..


it looked very odd…also the street lamps were very grand and seemed a little out of place in a border town!….


Now to find some where to park, we noticed a small police station in the centre of the road next to immigration..
The police had no problem when i asked could if i could park there….


We walked over to immigration and got stamped out of Thailand … (we had a fear that they wouldn’t let us back in as we had been in and out of Thailand a few times on this trip… We sure would look stupid if that happened)…

Next over to the Burmese immigration office to fill out some forms and to get a day pass into Burma…


For a visa renewal you don’t have to actually go onto Burma soil, you can just sign out of Thailand get your passport stamped into Burma then apply for a visa to go back into Thailand straight away… Got that!

But we wanted to do some shopping in the Burmese markets so we had to pay $10 for a entry stamp lol…

The first question immigration ask, ‘are you shopping’?, the wrong answer would be to say yes…..
They now know you have extra money on you and try to a extort a bribe out of you, so be warned …
We said no we wanted to just have a look at the town…
We Stuck to our guns and payed the regular fee of $10 each……

They then issue a temporary day pass and just to make sure you return the same day the Burmese immigration, they hang on to your passport….


With all the formalities done we walk across a bridge, passing numerous street people 😦 and we headed for the markets in the Burmese town of Tachilek….

Wow… where to start, there are stalls down every street…we’ll be here all week!

As we were there early it wasn’t too busy, which was great as the streets were narrow…
You can buy just about anything here… Just as well we don’t have any space on the bike.


We found a couple of stalls that sold the North Face jackets we were after for when we hit Nepal, one stall in particular had so much choices, we spent ages trying on different styles and colours!
Our minds were boggling with the choice, so we went off for a coffee to mull it over, finding a cozy coffee shop we sat down, even though the two young girls noticed us they still continued with what ever they were doing on their phones..

There seemed to be a lot, young and old with this some sort of paste on there faces?…..

After a while I asked of we could get some coffee, with half a smile she brought us our coffee..
Pretty good as well.. It should be it was dearer that Aussie prices 😦


Next We head back to the store, spend some more time trying more jackets, finally we make a decision…

$80 total for two Gortex North Face jackets…..

We were pleased with our purchases, they seemed to be top notch copies, maybe even seconds, we couldn’t fault them….
We then took a quick look around the rest of the town…..


I dont think so………

Yeah right……..

Then head backup collect our passports and back to Thailand immigration…
Thank goodness for that we’re allowed back in…

We now have 15 days to get to Bangkok and get the bike sorted out before flying to Nepal.

The day was still young so we decided to ride pass Chiang Rai and go to the white temple.
Which was stunning……

As we approached the entrance you can’t help but notice the weird objects around …

Trees with heads hanging off the branches ..


Really quite disturbing!



All off a sudden someone grabbed my backpack, spinning around I was relieved to see it was Ellen, what a great surprise, it took Keith a while to catch up with us he was busy taking photos…
Another coincidence, meet number three…….


After a quick chat we were all allowed to enter the temple grounds, without a ‘guard’ …

Usually tourist have to be accompanied due to some behaving badly here and upsetting the locals!… We must look sensible!!…..



There is a moat around the temple but its not filled with water, it’s filled with scary looking hands coming out of the ground, representing hell, with just one hand that had one nail painted red…..


Keith looking happy….

So leaving ‘hell’ as an attendant told us… we walked across the stunning white bridge towards the stunning white temple…..

Which shimmers with the sun hitting the tiny mirrored tiles that adorn the temple and everything else, taking off our shoes you can then go in side the temple…

Damn no photography allowed 😦

Once inside, there was what looked like a real monk sitting in front of a floor to ceiling painted Buddha on the wall, but on closer inspection I realised he wasn’t real……

As you turn to leave you notice that there’s a Mural on the walls by the exit doors.. With painted images of batman, Ben 10, Spider-Man etc.
What’s this supossed to mean?…


After a look around the immaculate grounds……



They were selling some silver trinkets to hang on a tree with the proceeds going towards the upkeep of the temple, we bought one, but kept the trinket to take home…..


We then decided to go and sample the homemade lemon meringue that we spotted in the cafe near to the temple… Oh boy that was good…


My kind of no Parking…

Yet again bidding farewell to Ellen and Keith, hopefully we will see you in Cornwall.
We then head back to the hotel for a quick swim and to pack for our ride to Bangkok…..

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