On our great adventure

Ancient Cities……and the kindness of Strangers….


Now we have 14 days to get to Bangkok…find a shipping agent for the bike so we can get it to Nepal…source a few items for the bike and somethings for ourselves…

Shipping the bike will take maybe ten days or so we have been told, so with a few days up our sleeves we decided to take the non direct route to Bangkok so we could get in a few more interesting bike roads, instead of the busy and boring main highway to Bangkok….

Leaving Chiang Rai for the second time…straight after breakfast we head towards the road that leads to the town of Nan.
The road didn’t disappoint, lots of twist and turns through some great green valleys and up over some steep hills…

We arrived in the town of Nan hot and thirsty…quickly finding a café and ordered a couple of chocolate frappes…

It was hot riding, with the Mercury topping 40c, so we made another stop at a vendor selling beautiful sweet and cold cut up pineapple was very welcome relief…

We had a town in mind to reach today, Suchothai, which is the old ancient city of Thailand. The roads were now long and straight after we left the mountains around Nan and it looked doable to get there before dark…


We managed to find ourselves on a great stretch of road that was running in the right direction, but I was getting nervous, the fuel gauge was running low and we hadn’t passed a service station for a while…..lucky I carry a spare litre of fuel in a canister which also doubles up for our camp stove…

We passed a huge sleeping Buddha so a quick turn around for pictures…



It was amazing…


Traveling further on down the road the bike started to cough and splutter, I think the combination of it being so damn hot and low on fuel didn’t help…was the fuel was evaporating in the fuel pipes?

Well we came to a complete stop on a piece of lonely road.


No problem, I quickly poured our spare litre of fuel in and we were off….
But not for long though and we stopped again…
The sun now was starting to get low in the sky and after waving a car down, who didn’t have any fuel, we were starting to look where we could pitch a tent..
The only problem was that there were a couple of stray dogs that were eyeing us off…lol


We waved down a passing local on his little scooter and with no words spoken only hand signals he quickly siphoned out some petrol from his bike, we tried to give him some money, but he wouldn’t take it…we had to force it into his hand and i think he was pretty happy 🙂

He then signaled for us to follow him…
He took us down a little dusty track through a tiny village, over a half constructed bridge that led on to a another road that had a petrol station 100m down the hill…..
Thanks mate…
The kindness of strangers is working well in Thailand….
With a sigh of relief we were on our way and got into Suchothai just on nightfall…
We booked in for two night, so we could go and explore the old city…


Traditional Thai historians considered the foundation of the Sukhothai kingdom as the beginning of their nation because little was known about the kingdoms prior to Sukhothai.


Most tourists travelled around on these…


We had our own mode of transport….:)


It was quite spread out, with some magnificent structures…


We mucked around and tried to replicate some of the statues….



It was so hot it got a bit to much for this monk…




we found a shady spot with a gentle breeze and tried to take it all in… WOW we have seen some wonderful things on this trip so far…



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