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Ten Nights in Bangkok……and the Worlds Our Oyster…..

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Leaving a very hot Sukhothai we knew we were in for a hot sticky ride to Bangkok…

The roads weren’t too bad and the traffic pretty light as we decided to get off main highway and take the road that runs almost parallel to it …
We only stopped when it was time for a drink and something to eat.


It took over 6 hours to do the 500 something klms…
Which took us near to the International airport and the air cargo terminal not too far from our hotel.

It was hard road system to use because the main city roads try and funnel you on the the express toll roads and as we are on a motorbike we weren’t allowed on to it…
So we had to use alternate roads..
Sometimes even the wrong ones lol…

Eventually we found our hotel The Chana, located in Min Buri which is about 1/2 hour drive from the city…
Upon checking in we find out we are on the seventh floor…
Thankfully this hotel had a lift!
Our room was huge, and had a great view of the local area!!

Night shot from our window….

We later ‘hit ‘ the town to find some dinner.. The town itself is nothing exciting,pretty drab really,not a tourist area, the streets were very busy, people every where, stalls outside shops selling various cooked foods..
The only reason we booked so far out of the city was because we had to meet up and take the bike to PT Cargo ready for shipping to Nepal.
We ended up staying 5 nights at Min Buri!….


There wasn’t a lot to see in this part of the city, so we used our time to relax, get all our bike ‘stuff’ cleaned…plus lucky for us the hotel had a
great pool:)
We even managed to find time to buy some extra spare parts for the bike that we may need on the next leg of the journey…
Plus we sent home 7 kilos of unused items…
We also gave some items to some homeless people we saw on the street.
Hope we won’t need them later on!….

On of the days we ventured into the city to try and get our Chinese visas..
What a waste of a day, the visa staff wouldn’t even look at our application forms…as we were riding a motorbike into china they said it can’t be done! she was one of the most rudest people we have ever come across..
We were queuing for six hours to be told this..
We weren’t the only ones refused..
If you have read our previous blogs you will know that we ended up getting our Chinese visa in Kathmandu…
‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’

The following day We met up with PT Cargo and arranged which day our bike could be dropped off…
Which turned out to be in just a couple of days, which was great because then we had a date of when we could move into the city for some sight seeing, it also meant booking we needed to book another hotel…
Wow hotels are expensive in the city… But you can still find a few gems.. So I booked for 2 nights just incase the hotel turned out to be a dud!
The bike was to be flown to Nepal on the 10th April ..
This could pose problems as our visa expires on the 10th!
Our thinking was we shouldn’t leave Thailand on the same day as the bike just in case anything went wrong…
So we looked into over staying our visa…
By one day, it’s not the best thing to do but the fine is only 500 Bhat each, which is about $10 which isn’t much in the great scheme of things!

So we booked our flights for ourselves for the 11th April! and not forgetting we would also have to get enough cash out to pay Ratchachni from PT Cargo for the export of the bike…
To read about the shipment details for the bike you can do so on our blog soon to come out titled- ‘How to ship a bike from Bangkok to Kathmandu’

A few days later we took the bike to the shipping agent, got all the stuff done and caught a taxi from PT Cargo to Immfusion hotel, we arrived to what from the outsides seemed a small fronted hotel but once inside its goes a long way back…

The deco is Moroccan, with rich warm colours all around, it was a feast for your eyes, we later found out that this hotel is used for wedding photos and has been in several magazines as back drops for model shoots!
I can see why.

After checking in and being shown to our room, (not a dud) we thought we had better book in for the rest of our stay here in Bangkok..

I went to reception and asked if we could stay for another week…
They were booked out for 3 nights after our 2 nights were up, the thing is if we had booked all that time in the first place the hotel would have no doubt been crap!!!
So i quickly checked the net and saw a hotel close by at a similar price…
later that day we checked it out…when we got back to ‘Imm’ I got on line and booked for 3 nights.

With the Hotels all sorted, we went out to explore the local area… We were just a few metres away from the On Nut railway station…


An early night was needed as we were going to go to the Chinese embassy in the morning…once again… We are gluttons for punishment or what… Lol

So the next day came and went with the same outcome from the same woman… Grrr… She’s an angry old woman…lol..
Oh well, we’ll try in Kathmandu!

The next day we had to check out and go the few metres to ‘The Green Bell’ our home for 3 nights until we go back to ‘Imm Fusion’ so with check in after 12pm that was half the day gone, we settled into our spotlessly clean, modern, no windowed room… it was very nice but lacked character and soul.

The following day we checked out the Bangkok rail system works…its fast and on time with plenty of trains arriving about every 10 minutes, which is just as well because they usually only put about 3 carriages on so therefore you are packed in like sardines lol…
We decided to get a ‘rabbit’ card, which we had read about…it gives you up to 15 train rides and works out to be a economical way of getting around,,,,
Well worth purchasing if you want to travel around the city.
First stop was to China town to look for a spare tyre for bike…
After walking around in the unbearable heat we finally found a tyre… not our first choice but will do, because we know in the next leg of our journey we will not be able to carry one….

The next few days were spent exploring a few shopping malls…
BORING some might say but here they are unbelievable…


one in particular had amazing art sculptures all through out the mall, we spent hours there taking pictures and looking around!


The shops didn’t disappoint either they had the most spectacular ways of displaying their ‘merchandise’ truly amazing.






We reckon we found the best cake shop in the world ‘Mr. Jones Orphanage’…


we have never seen so many top range cakes in one shop before..


The biggest problem there was which one to choose!



A message when you had finished drinking your tea….

In between all the excitement of sight seeing we had to move back to Imm Fusion hotel…

Next to this shopping mall was another…shopping is pretty big here ! it was very up market, so much so they had showrooms that displayed…


We didn’t get this one, it was the wrong colour seats…..

Maserati, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, Ducati just to name a few…where were the Suzuki’s, Fords and Mazda’s? lol

Some kick arse shoes…


We also took time out to check out an old Art Deco cinema…The Scala Cinema which has one-screen it was built in 1967, this exquisitely maintained movie theatre is worth a look and still has bargain priced seats for $2… everything here has been preserved its like stepping back in time…


Out side is where you can have some shark fin soup……



Even the door handles were fins….

We also went to the science museum which proved fun, shame only half the equipment worked lol…we had fun though…



They also had a display of old planes..



We needed to get a lonely planet book on Nepal and all the knock off books were the other side of the city, so we needed to take a trip on the train then catch a ferry… the train ride was fine but boy we got packed onto the ferry so tightly that it was hard to breath especially in the heat…
No surprise that the ferry didn’t do a safety run through of where the life jackets were etc! We’re there any? Thankfully we didn’t find out…I certainly would not have wanted to fall into the ‘Black’Bangkok river.


We didn’t find the book we were after but purchased one from a book store not to far away from our hotel!
Next we caught the ferry to the terminal closest to the Grand Palace…once off the ferry we were approached by taxi drivers that told us the palace was closed till 2pm and that they would take us to visit some temples close by…yeah right we’re too long in the tooth to fall for that old trick…
Once at the palace we and many other tourists were informed, that because we had shorts on… it wasn’t proper dress code…however the palace will loan you a pair of sexy trousers for men and the most unflattering wrap around skirt for women!!!


But certainly didn’t look as odd as some people we saw!

Sadly couldn’t see the giant green Buddha (which was what we really wanted to see… as there was going to be a ceremony later that day and the temple was closed for the preparation. đŸ˜¦


The place was huge with some outstanding buildings ….


Some huge cannons…

The Palace is protected by these guys….



After handing back in our newly acquired outfits we left…


We walked around the perimeter of the palace, upon which we could clearly hear a recorded message from within the palace grounds letting tourists know not to believe the taxi drivers about the palace being closed and the message proceed to tell you the opening times etc…. lol…

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up and leave Bangkok…catching an taxi to the airport was interesting, as not too far up the road the boot of the taxi flew open…the driver couldn’t fix the lock so he drove at about 20KLM’S an hour, and every time we went over a bump or hit a pot hole the boot flew back open!!!…at this rate we’ll get to the airport after lunch! finally he pulled over again and searched for something to tie the boot down with…he did find some string…and we arrived at the airport, with all our luggage, checked in, payed Ratachainy and got through customs without a fine for over staying our visa…

Next stop Nepal…

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