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Tibet Border and Back…..

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After Lodging our Indian visas, which we knew would take a week we decided to leave Kathmandu and travel along the road that would take us to the Tibet border at Tatopani and the friendship bridge and to have a look at the mountains and scenery along the way…..
It should only take about a day to get there…..

Reaching the outskirts of Kathmandu the air quality and the greenery got noticeably better as we started to rise in elevation….


After rounding one paticular ridge we both had a WOW.. moment as we could see the Himalayan snow capped mountains in the distance and I’m not ashamed to admit I had a lump in my throat…..
I have been waiting for this for so long to be riding my own motorbike on the roof of the world….

The roads were not to bad with the occasional bad section thrown in, that at one stage I could see the front fairing on the bike starting to get loose, so we pulled over when we found a suitable spot, so Chris could make a cup of tea while I tightened up the bolts at the front of the bike, one bolt in particular was hanging on by its last couple of threads…..

With in no time we had a group of boys watch us and the one who could speak English the best asked us lots of the usual questions, where were from , how much does the bike cost etc….

We ended up sharing some chocolate biscuits with them, I had to break them up evenly so they all had about half a biscuit each..they loved them…
With the tea over and the bike fixed we rode on, it was still very hot in the sun but as soon as you got some shade it was a lot cooler….

The scenery was amazing with deep gorges and high mountains and places where the road has been washed away in landslides which leaves a very bumpy road with rocks and gravel to transverse….

We got to the border town and found only one guest house that was just about okay. The room we had a awesome view of the Raging river below and snow capped mountains….


We then walked up through the town to the friendship bridge at the border crossing but just has we got there it started to rain hard , so we went back to the guest house and made a cup of tea with our camp stove on the balcony and watched a storm rolling around the valley.



We did get to use our North face jackets we bought in Burma as it was pretty cold, After having a dinner of tasty momos and spring rolls… we turned in to bed, sleeping in our clothes…thank goodness for our silk sleeping bags… as the bedding looked a bit suspect…
It turned out to be a beautiful morning so we walked up the border crossing for a photo…


The Chinese border guards that were posted on bridge were not to happy when I put one foot over the redline on the bridge into Tibet…..
They also followed us around making sure we did not take photos in the Tibet direction….
But I managed to get a few in…




People were desperate to get on the last bus out of town….lol….



We spotted a homeless guy camping in amongst the rocks…



Riding back the way we came we came across a large muddy section from all the rain last night.
Ploughing thorough I lost all momentum when a bus came the other way so Chris got off while I wrestled with the bike to transverse to the other side….



By pure coincidence we got the last two photos from a swiss couple that were staying in the same place as us on the Indian/Pakistan border at Amritsar and were on that bus way back in Nepal……it is a very small world….

Falling into the wet concrete looking mud did not inviting at all..

With the worst section over we started to take in the spectacular scenery and came to the town of Dhulkhel where we booked to stay a couple of nights…

The hotel was very grand perched on a side of a hill that looked out to the Himalaian range of mountains…(when the clouds were not covering them) we did get glimpse of them, but not the full length…

Dinners and breakfast were buffet style and were very good…The carrot pudding was so yummy….
Chris will be making this when we return home.
We took it easy for a couple of days here….

In the morning we rode out to another town not too far away from our hotel to see a giant Buddha, plus we wanted to stop and see Frank and Simone our German friends that we meet at a HUBB meet in Brisbane plus again in Laos…another case of a ‘small world’


After a cup of tea and a catch up we tried to go and see a Tibet monasteries in the next town over, but it was down a muddy track and was spitting with rain and getting heavier so we turned around….

That evening there was a storm and we woke in the morning to rain… we dragged our heels, packed up and left the hotel hoping the rain would abate….
We were soaked when we got back to Kathmandu only our riding jackets seem to work, but only just.
On parking our bike at our hotel we had left a few days ago they told us because of all the rain peoples planes have been delayed and so there were no room for us……
On seeing how wet and disappointed we were they did a bit of juggling and got our old room back….

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