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Kathmandu…Part Two…..

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Today we needed to be at the Indian Embassy early to drop off our passports…
So up early… great its raining but not too hard, so armed with my brolly we set off to the Embassy, got in the small line, collected our ‘token’ ticket, handed in our passports and was told to collect them at 5pm the next day.

Next on our itinerary for the day was Paton Square…


a taxi pulled up beside us, we did a ‘deal’ and he took us to the square…
Thankfully the rain has eased.

WOW…. Kathmandu you have some amazing places here….

Paton Square you are stunning, amazing, this place is surreal, the only thing that spoils it are the ‘guides’ who can be quite persistent on wanting to show you around…. sorry but NO…. we like to do our own thing, doesn’t seen to put them off though!


Patan Durbar Square is about 7km from Thamel, it is considered the oldest of all three cities of Kathmandu valley.



Patan Durbar square is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site and has been described as one of the most picturesque collection of buildings.

Most of the monuments in the square date back to the 15th to 17th century, a golden era of Nepalese art and architecture.



Like Durbur Square there is plenty of unique craftsmanship in wood a feast for the eye…there are many wonderful shrines and sculptures scattered in and around the square…a visit will not disappoint.



After walking for hours and taking in all Paton Square has to offer…
We went up on a roof top cafe and admired the women doing all the heavy work while the men did the easy job of repairing the roof on one of the temples….


There were lots of colourful characters there, this guy was reading out loud some kind of mantra to himself for ages…




This girl liked posing for the camera….


Lots of pigeons….

There were lots of alleyways leading off the square all seemed to have stupas at the end….



we decide to head back to Thamel….

we start walking and hopefully get a cab on the way….


another place to get your teeth done….

Nepalese angry birds…

Lots of these pictures around?….


Eventually we hailed a cab… the driver ‘drove it like he stole it’….lol….
But then again they all drive like that here!
Before we head back into the hotel we stop off in one of the many ‘North Face’ stores to get a pair of Gortex waterproof (hope they are) trousers for the bike, the ones we have are only shower proof!
Back then to the hotel for a shower and some dinner…
well, well, well what a surprise the power is off… 5 flights of stairs is a lot when you’re tired!!!

The following morning we went to Narayanhiti Palace…..


This palace has a sad history, which only happened a few years ago…
A short brief on the Palace and what happened behind the high walls:


The palace is located about a 15 minute walk from Thamel its not the most beautiful Palace I have seen before, I would even go as far as saying its ugly!
The Palace is enclosed behind high brick walls and set upon 74 acres.
This Palace was built in 1970 replacing the original 1915 Palace, which had been destroyed in an earthquake…

The palace was also the scene of the June 2001 Nepalese Royal Massacre.
From what I have heard the heir to the throne Crown Prince Dipendra had been drinking heavily at a party because his parents apparently objected to his plans to marry local aristocrat Devyani Rana, his father King Birendra, told his son to leave the party.
His brother and cousin took Prince Dipendra to his room.

An hour or so later, Crown Prince Dipendra returned to the party armed with a gun and killed nine members his family and himself.
The kings less popular brother Prince Gyanendra, ascended the throne- to cut a long story short the new King made lots of unpopular choices one being controlling the media and placed politicians under arrest. 

On June 11, 2008, Gyanendra left the palace for a hunting lodge on Kathmandu’s outskirts, marking the final end to a royal lineage founded by his warrior ancestor Prithvi Narayan Shah, who conquered dozens of small kingdoms in the 18th century….
what a sad end for a Royal family…
The royal palace is now a public museum…which shortly opened after the country was declared a republic.

The palace has some great rooms and some fantastic pieces of furniture…. wasn’t at all keen on the once magnificent polar bear that now lies motionless on the floor at the entrance of the vast hallway and the two, that would have been amazing tigers that stand tall at the end of the grand stairs in the hall.
The grounds off the palace are untidy and in dire need of attention…
It’s a shame its not been kept up to the ‘Royal’ standard…
I my self would like to have seen what it would have been like to see how the ‘Royals’ saw it!

Back to the hotel to do some packing (we leave for Pokhara in the morning) Keeping an eye on the time, as we have to collect our passports from the Indian embassy today.

Taking a Nap…

Heading back to the Indian Embassy we collect our passports and are now set for India…whooo…but not before we explore some more of this amazing country Nepal.


Yep thats us….

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