On our great adventure

No Delhi Belly in Delhi…

Skipping breakfast this morning so we could get an extra early advantage over the heat of the morning was a great idea, also we had smooth roads most of the way!

The traffic was light and like the rest of India the we have found the truck drivers (well 99%) of them to be courteous towards us, by letting moving aside to let us pass and waving with great enthusiasm…

local touring bus….

Getting closer to the city you can help but notice all the university’s, and newly built factories, and big modern shopping malls….

Going the wrong way a few times wasn’t a problem, just do as the local’s do and go down a one-way street! Just don’t let the city police see you do it!
After eventually finding our guest house totally shattered from the heat we made hast up to our room and got cleaned up…..
Great owners, lots of chats and tea with them, even ran me around to collect some oil for the bike and even let me change the oil in a quiet area of the guest house…

Later in the afternoon owner of the guest house took us to the station (so we could get some dinner) we caught the metro for a few stops and ended at a posh shopping area…but before you can get a ticket you have to go a through security check, once it had been established that your not a terrorist you can then go and get a ticket for the train, just 10 rupees 🙂 so the metro wasn’t just cheap it was also clean, fast and on time….


Off the train, we set upon looking for somewhere to eat, we settled for Maccdonalds…after having a look around then caught the train back to our guest house.

The next day we needed to cram in a lot of ‘tourist’ stuff, so back on the metro we went to Jama mosque, no shoes allowed and I also had to wear a dressing gown lol….
Jama Masjid is the largest Islamic congregation place in India and has a courtyard that can hold 25,000 devotees! the mosque was completed in 1656 AD, and is a highly decorative mosque which has three great gates, four towers and two 40 m-high minarets constructed red sandstone and white marble.


while looking out from one of the ‘Prayer’ terraces we could see hundreds of birds of preys circling above above the old bazarre that was below us…. what an amazing site….


The Pidgins get well fed…




Next we walked through the packed bustling streets to the Red Fort…..



No need say any more….

Before even got into the fort we had to have a dozen or so photos taken with Indian people…..



Massive entrance….

Then we had to go through the security check point then we could enter the fort…
The Red Fort has thick red sandstone walls, bulging with turrets and bastions this is one of the largest and oldest monuments in Delhi.

The Fort rises above a wide dry moat in the northeast corner of the original city of Shahjahanabad.
To get to the grounds you have to walk through the old bazaar…where we purchased a bottle of water to try and quench our ever growing thirst then on we to explore this fantastic place the gardens are beautiful, lawns were being watered with sprinklers and children took advantage of the sprinklers and delightfully ran in and out trying to get some relief from the heat….
The palace inside the fort has gilded turrets, delicately painted with a mosaic of mirrors, and a ceiling overlaid with gold and silver which is reflected by a central pool in the marble floor, such a beautiful place.


Even the guards were feeling the heat…

The women kept working in the gardens though….

The old barracks that the English built were unkempt and unfortunately we couldn’t go in them…..




The next day was just as busy we got the metro and walked the rest of the way to India Gate….


Once there you couldn’t help but notice the police presence, and barriers stopping people from taking a closer look, what a shame we only got to admire if from a distance,
India gate stands 42 metres high and commemorates the 70,000 Indian soldiers that lost their lives while fighting for the British Army during World War I. The memorial has the names of more than 13,516 British and Indian soldiers killed in the Northwestern Frontier in the Afghan war of 1919…
We crossed the wide busy road and walked the long walk through the vast park hoping to get a Tuk Tuk to take us to Connaught Place, this area is one of the largest financial, commercial and business center…but we went there to check out the shops, the shopping area is made up of huge old white buildings, which would have been fantastic looking when they were built in 1929, unfortunately many of them are in need of repair.
Once we arrived back at our guest house Clive decided that he needed to get a hair, we had seen a barber on our way back to our Guest House from the metro…. Clive returned with a smart haircut and his ears still attached to his head!
The next morning we left early to again escape the heat and traffic….


On our way out of Delhi along the smooth motorway we noticed many people sleeping on the edge of the roads, the middle strips were piled with sleeping bodies…very sad sight to witness, some people even sleeping in or beside their rickshaws 😦


Next stop is north and hoping to escape some heat to the city of Chandigarh which serves as the capital of two states Haryana and Punjab…..

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