On our great adventure


We left Shimla for Manali via the Jalorri pass, at 3135 metres
The scenery was stunning, green pastures and alpine valleys with patches of snow left over from the winter.
Manali is a popular tourist spot for Indians in summer they come here to get away from the heat and to have fun in the snow, this is a place for adventure, rock climbing, paragliding, river rafting, skiing…you name they can do it!

The road was windy and was in pretty good shape until we started to climb over the Jalori pass, it then suddenly changed to dirt and rocks and became very rutted….


With the bike fully loaded it took a lot of work and sweat to wrestle the bike up to the top…


There was still snow on the top of the pass and the decent on the other side was a gravelly road but was a lot easier coming down….
We stopped halfway down for some lunch in a beautiful spot next to wild flowers…


The last part of the decent was really steep and the constant use of the back brake and the heat made the rear brake almost give up… which was scary and only using the front brake gingerly on the gravel…
Phew….when we reached the bottom, we stopped for a drink and let the bike cool down after that it was fine…




We passed some sort of funeral procession..

The road followed the river…


The river soon became a great dam and we wondering how we were going to cross a tunnel appeared…

Upon exiting the tunnel we ran into Arran riding in the opposite direction…(We met Arran in Nepal he is one of 4 people we will be traveling with us through China sharing the guide costs).


With a quick chat and update of our current plans, Arran was heading towards Delhi so we gave him the address of the hotel that we used and we went on our separate ways.
We will be meeting up with Arran again in Northern Pakistan in about three weeks time.


Still plenty of local traffic to navigate around..

Judging by the scenery we were getting close to Manali.

Upon entering Manali the traffic was a bit chaotic, local taxis everywhere and us trying to find some accommodation proved to be a hard, to expensive or no where secure for the bike…
I went around the back of a fancy hotel down a lane and found a gem of a place..
We were in the attic room that had a balcony and the bonus was we could log on to the fancy hotel that was in front of us Wifi…

View from our balcony…

Now all settled in, laundry hanging in our balcony we went to the hotel next door for a coffee then dinner and also grabbed there Wi-Fi password…..

The next day we rode up the Ro Tang pass, the road was super twisty and full of Indian taxis ferrying tourists up to the snow.

The road was really narrow in places and a long drop over the side with no barriers.

Had to keep eye on road for the odd obstacle..

It was hilarious seeing all these Indians in bright over sized ski suits and fake fur coats carrying skis in 36c heat to a small over crowded ski slope, where you can go for donkey/yak rides and eat an ice cream.



Once we got passed the tourist ski spot we went further on up to the top to escape the madness below..




The vista was amazing and the sky so blue up there.




We stopped and made a small snowman because thats what you do in the snow isn’t it? we also took many photos of the surrounding scenery, it was simply stunning.




The road was quite difficult in places and decided bike preservation was better as we still had a long journey ahead of us, so we turned around and came back down..

The road was chaos, packed with taxi racing to get back down the mountain and causing a unbelievable traffic jam with the typical Indian style driving, some were driving like maniacs, I’m surprised no accidents happened .


Luckily being on a bike we could squeeze through the gaps….

The next day we had a leisurely day walking around the town having coffee and cakes..


We also spent some time with the locals down by the fast flowing river in the park…



Sipping freshly cold drinks and planning our next destination to Mcloud Ganji… The residence of the Dali Lama…

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