On our great adventure

Kyrgyzstan…a Snow Blizzard in Summer..!

Archive for the 19/6/2013..


With group photos of taken care of we all set of down a muddy road to the barbed wire security gate about five klm down hill.


There were no guards at the border gate so we waited for a while and still no one, even though we could see a guard in the distance..

Eventually Arran decided to go through a hole in the barbed wire fence (it was already there).

Well that sure got the guards attention lol…

The guard marched up the path, boy was he was not happy, he was rattling on about Arran breaking the fence and kept saying whats your problem…

He made Arran ‘repair’ it.

Now we had the guards attention we were let in with the guard still moaning lol…
We entered a large ware house customs area were stamped in, no checking of bags, not even a glance of the bikes and we were off, so quick…

When it was Arrans turn to be stamped in the guard was still going on about the fence!

This went on for about 80klms…

We set off down an unsealed road, yes another bloody awful road that shakes your brain and rattles your teeth! Not only did we have to contend with that but also the biggest dogs chasing us, boy can they run fast…not fun when you can’t go too fast, I had to kick my legs out at them to keep them at bay.

Finally after a few hours of that bone shaking road we came to some amazing smooth roads 🙂 the scenery was breathtaking snow capped mountains on one side and rolling green hills on the other with horses and sheep grazing, yurts dotted here and there the locals waving at us as we rode along..
I don’t think I have seen so many roaming horses before and they were beautiful, a lot of the mares had foals frolicking around the lazy green hills, WOW this country is awesome…
A word we use a lot in our blogs!

With the light now fading fast we eventually get into the small town of Naryn, find a guest house that we had been given co-ordinates too, got fed, had a beer, showered in a really rustic bathroom before hitting the hay!

On looking out of the window in the morning we noticed a light dusting of snow on the hills..


With an early breakfast out of the way, we found an ATM got fuelled up and hit the road towards the city of Bishkek..
The skies were grey and the weather cold in fact freezing we were glad we put thermals on and as many layers as we could!


Soon the skies we dropping sleet on us which very quickly turned to snow, so after being on the road for a very short time we had gone from green hills (with snow patches) to everything covered in snow, the setting was like a Christmas card…..


We were all so excited woohoo it’s snowing, the snow was so thick it was hard to see at times.



Ben warming his hands up on my heated grips…

As we started to climb the Dolan pass which is about 3100m high the snow got thicker and we got colder but it was still beautiful…


I can’t believe people live this high up it would be winter all year round, most of the houses we pasted were Yurts, which were surrounded by various breeds of livestock, we passed many locals out on their horses rounding up their goats.


The snow turned into a blizzard and made it hard to see road but we had to keep going…



As it was to dangerous to linger here…

The road was washed away in a couple of areas we went through one was okay, but the other was too deep for us to go through two up, so all the boys wizzed through and left me behind…
Yelling at Clive to come back as I couldn’t get through the water as it was too deep, guilt must have got the better of him and he walked carefully through the snowy fields to rescue me… My hero lol


A short time later as we start to descend….


Bens bike decided it was time for another break down, So all bikes came to a stop and the men huddled around and try to figure out what’s wrong this time!

Arran decided this would be the perfect opportunity to make a cup of tea, and boy it was welcome, while still deciding on how to fix bens bike 3 cyclists (from where I’m not sure) stop by for a chat, they were going up over the pass, glad I’m not on a push bike!


Ok Bens bike is ‘fixed’ and we’re off, now we are starting to descend the snow has stopped and we soon notice the temperature rising, not long before all the snow disappeared, the roads are all being torn up to be resurfaced so just for a change we get to ride on crappy roads again !

The valley was stunning, with clear blue mountain streams running along the side of us..


It’s not long before we get to admire the scenery in one place for a while, as yes Bens bike broke down again lol…while the men Clive, Arran, Ben, Paul and Angus decide whats up this time!

I decided to cheer Ben’s bike up…

With the fix done we were on way again, we rode past some blue lakes but in the distance there were some black rain clouds we were heading towards…

Thankfully we missed them by a whisker….

We hit our first major town and fuelled up the bikes with some high octane petrol…

We were offered these fish, but settled on a salad roll from the local shop..

There were so many choices of Vodka on sale and so cheap…

The roads now were in pretty good shape as we were not far from the city of Bishkek and soon arrived in a pretty modern soviet style city, roads were all grid like pattern.
I had a gps co-ordinate to a hotel and because we were all tired and it was getting late we took the only rooms they had available even though they were pricey ….

To be continued…

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