On our great adventure

On the road again in Kyrgyzstan…….

It was a bit sad leaving our Krgyzstan family but it was great to be on the road again travelling on our bike…
We left the city of Bishkek and our destination for the day was going to be Tati-kol lake which is half way to the city of Osh where we could do a bit of camping….

The ride was great and soon as we started to rise in elevation Bens bike started to play up, here we go again…..
It was soon fixed and we could enjoy the ride again.
Krgystan has some great roads and the scenery is jaw dropping..




This lake we passed had this stunning coloured water…

We came up to a police stop sign and because we didn’t completely stop, we followed the car in front that rolled through, we were called back.

We were ushered into the office where we had to show passports, and then the officer kept demanding we pay fine of ten dollars because we didn’t stop at the sign…., we played dumb and we refused and he said he would keep passports until we did.
What made it worse was when Ben accidentally knocked his hat off the table…..
But as soon as we started to write his badge number down he gave up and told us to go….

We met an a Australian couple at a petrol station and had a chat about roads and border crossings, the usual things over landers talk about…..
We met them again a few weeks later, my god what a story they had to tell then…….


As we were getting close to the lake we stopped at a shop and bought a few supplies for dinner.


The lake was beautiful, but finding a way down to it proved to be difficult, there was a track down, but we got chased by a big dog wanting to keep our legs ‘teeth mark’ free we went another way!

We could see that there were horses down by the lake drinking, wow this is a great place to camp…..

We picked a spot and set up and started to cook a tomato pasta, which turned out to be great hit.

Our chosen toilet spot was in amongst the marjarana crop that grow wild around here…


We woke in the morning to a glorious sunrise and we got on our way early, as we had a long ride ahead, only for Ben to break down as soon as we left, he had tightened up the cylinder head bolt to tight this morning on his bike and striped the thread.

I tried to bodge it up by wrapping a sliver of aluminium can around the bolt but it only lasted for a short while. So Arran towed Ben back to the nearest town where we found a mechanic who did a good job of tapping a new thread….


While waiting for Ben’s bike to be fixed a group of Polish bikers stopped to say hello, and as usual stopped for a yarn and asked us where we were next headed…they said we would never make it in one day…hmmm we’ll see about that, so With a very late start now we had to race to our next destination the city of Osh…

Luckily the road was in pretty good shape and we got there early evening , despite being pulled over for speeding again they wanted a bribe, we said no and asked the policman to prove that we were speeding, where upon he pointed his radar gun at a truck that was going past and doing 58klm, we said what about him and his reply was that was his brother…..
We then said that we were his brother and he saw the funny side and let us go…

Glad we didn’t have to cross this bridge with the bike…

Outside the city we gave Vlad a call, a guy who lives in Osh who is a friend of our Krygzstan family.
He told us to wait at the big archway at the entrance to the city and he would be there in ten minutes to lead us to a decent hotel.

In the meantime we watched a couple of bridal parties have photos done at the arch….


Vlad turned up and in no time had us at a soviet style hotel with the weirdest lifts, they seemed to be very mechanical, not smooth like an electrical lift…
We all ended sleeping well after a exhausting day.


No exploring of city today, but we could see that there was a interesting looking fort from our hotel window….

After breakfast we all fuelled up and waited for Ben to purchase some oil for his bike, i think he ended up buying four bottles! thirsty little bike he has ….
We were now off to the Tajikistan border..

We had to ride up and over a small pass and the scenery yet again was stunning..






We stopped for a drink and this kid wanted a race with the bike,we went very slowly to make it look like he was winning, he ran for ages…


While stopping to take this picture a herd a wild horses were being rounded up…



The scenery was now changing and getting colder and bleaker..
This is obviously a road less travelled has the road was very broken up…


The road was also getting very lonely looking now…

We saw these in the distance….

On closer inspection they were old radar domes, we could of been on the moon with the scenery around us…

We soon came to the Krgystan border and were stamped out, the Tajikistan checkpoint was further up the pass..


Shortly after leaving the checkpoint we stopped and talked to a cycling couple and we ended changing our Krgystan money for their Tajikistan money so it was smiles all round ..


We finally came to the border post to get stamped into Tajikistan, a few flurries of snow started to fall, we then had to go and see one of the guards in his hut before we could go, it was a welcome to be in the warm hut next to the wood burner, with a ten dollar custom fee, hmmmm not sure about this, but he gave us a receipt so it must be legal next we were stamped in and off into the bleak surroundings….

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