On our great adventure

Turkey…One Country Two Continents…

Arriving at the border early in the morning, we exited into Turkey with the minimum of fuss…we just had to purchase third party insurance…
Turkey no longer uses the carnet system for bikes, which caused a bit of confusion with us as the carnet lists Turkey as a participant…

The ride was great, as we followed along the Black Sea coastline, a great road with lots of short tunnels, there was no real access to the beach as the hotels all seemed to have the access rights, with fences stopping you getting down to the beach …

We made a diversion into the town of Trabazon for some lunch and to find a local sim card for our phone….
After enquiring about a Sim card, we decided to pass as they were ridiculous expensive something like $50… so we tried a few cafes to see if they offered wifi, no success…
While getting on our bike gear a nice couple came up to us and asked if they could help with anything (they heard us asking about Wifi in the cafe we had lunch in), we explained we were looking for Wi-Fi and they made their own phone into a hotspot for us to log on and check our emails, what a lovely couple….

Back to the coast road and every hotel we asked at was either full or outrageously expensive, we came across a campsite by the Black sea that had Wi-Fi, so having a meal at their restaurant we made use of their wifi to get a few things done and made a plan to go and visit the famous area of Cappadocia…


We had a peaceful night listening to the waves gently lap the shore…

The route that we programmed into the GPS led us through a very scenic area,through the hills with beautiful villages and a real rural feel to it..
We stopped in a bakery and bought a fresh loaf of bread and a pot of jam and stopped at a great place to admire the view and made a cup of tea with our stove…


We soon descended from the hills and it became very flat and it started to warm up too, it would a long hot ride to Cappadocia, Chris said she didn’t feel well and needed to lie down for a quick snooze, we found a grassy spot just off the road and Chris went to sleep, I went for a walk and found out this would be a ideal wild camping spot, it was away from the road and the grass was short and surrounded by wooded areas.


I came back and found Chris still lying down in the sun with all her bike gear on, even though it was hot she said she was still cold….
I suggest we would make camp, even though it was really early in the day, we went back to the last village and brought a few supplies and I spied on passing that there was an engineering shop where I could possibly get our broken rack welded at last.


After showing the guy what I needed welded with hand signals and miming, i quickly dismantled the luggage rack so he could weld it properly…


All fixed…

Chris went and sat in the sun and said she still wasn’t feeling too good…
I quickly put the rack back together and quickly rode back to spot where we thought would be a good camp spot, I put the tent up, Chris crawled in and went to sleep…again!


I sat in the sun and read a book and kept checking on Chris who slept the afternoon away…

I ate some 2-minute noodles with some left over bread for dinner on my own, as Chris wasn’t feeling at all hungry.

Chris had a restless night, getting up a few times with the runs and being sick…
We woke up early in the morning freezing cold; it was 5 degrees and it caught us completely unaware after being so hot for so long…

The tent was damp with dew and we dragged it out into the sun to dry, while we were waiting we spotted three very large dogs, all with the same sleek build racing across the bottom of the meadow, boy they were moving and we were thinking they were wild dogs and we were hoping they would not spot us so we froze in on the spot, but they were to focused on where they were going…
I later googled if they have wolfs in Turkey and Yep, they do in the region we were in, phew that was lucky…
We packed up pretty quickly and got out of there, it was hot but Chris said she was still feeling cold and weak…
We got into Goreme Town the center of the Cappadocia region and found a nice little home stay.


The sweet old lady that ran the Home stay was really concerned with Chris not being well & suggested she saw a doctor…
Chris went to bed to rest and I went out in the afternoon to explore a little…


This was an amazing place, wish Chris could see it…



Erosion shaped the incredible landscape of the Göreme valley…

But human hands performed equally incredible works here.
The rocky wonderland is honeycombed with a network of human-created caves, living quarters, places of worship, stables, and storehouses were all dug into the soft stone, In fact the tunnel complexes formed entire towns with as many as eight different stories hidden underground.
The site became a religious refuge during the early days of Christianity.


By the fourth century Christians fleeing Rome’s persecution had arrived in some numbers and established monastic communities here.
The monks excavated extensive dwellings and monasteries and created Byzantine frescoed paintings in cave chapels beginning in the seventh century..

Monks bodys buried in the chapels..


People still live in the formations…

After exploring for the afternoon, i came back and Chris was still to tired to move but feeling a little better and eating a few crackers, she wasn’t up to going out for a dinner so i went and grabbed a Kebab…Hopefully tomorrow she would be okay to go out and explore…but chris was up a lot during the night!

We were woken up early in the morning by a strange whooshing noise, i looked out the window and there were all these hot air balloons hovering around at various heights…


I grabbed the camera and raced up to the roof top garden i counted over thirty balloons, what a sight….
The roar of the gas burners in the still quite of the morning was amazing, each balloon jockeying for the perfect height to view the town of Goreme and all the formations…


After taking a few pictures, it was back to bed for a couple of hours, before going back to the roof garden for a great breakfast spread, Chris couldn’t really face any food….

This has been going on to long now, so we went and visited a Doctor, who upon given Chris a quick examination immediately put Chris on a saline drip and said she was suffering from exhaustion and dehydration..
With that done the Doctor said the best thing was rest…
So Chris again spent the day in bed sleeping while i headed out and explored the surrounding area…

I headed for a underground city…


The inhabitants of the region still use the most convenient places in the tunnels as cellars, storage areas and stables, which they access through their courtyards. The Kaymakli Underground City has low, narrow and sloping passages. While the underground city consists of 8 floors below ground, only 4 of them are open to the public today, in which the spaces are organized around ventilation shafts.


I took the back roads back, what a place,farmers had cut out barns into the hillsides and put doors on the front..


There were great little villages all with rock formations turned into houses..

Even horse stables..

On returning Chris was feeling a little better and was hungry, so after a take-out soup she had some colour back in her cheeks…I filled up with Pizza 🙂
With our last night there i walked up the road to do some night shots of the formations, they were amazing at night, very surreal…


Just outside Goreme..

With another great breakfast… with Chris still not a 100% she could only manage a boiled egg… we said goodbye to our lovely host and headed towards to Istanbul.


The roads were pretty good and we passed this huge salt lake on the way…


We entered Istanbul and the traffic was so thick it took ages to get on to the bridge that goes across Bosphorus Strait and connects Asia to the Europe continent….

On reaching the over side we were greeted by a big sign, WELCOME TO EUROPE….we have come along way to see this…


Enterprising guy selling bananas amongst the traffic jam..


Police bikes out in numbers, they were weaving around the traffic worse than me…

It took a while to find a decent hotel, that offered secure parking and one within our budget…this was a real gem we had found.


We needed the passports out for checking in…WHERE are passports Chris asked me…….#$%**@@@….

To be continued….

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