On our great adventure

Istanbul….The Gateway to Europe…

Clive had put our passports under a pillow in the home stay we had left this morning for security and forgot to get them when we left for Istanbul…

Lucky for us we had photo copies of our passports, so the hotel could process our stay…

With that out the way we went to our room to decide what were our best options of getting our passports from Cappasdocia… I didn’t need to tell Clive what an idiot he was, he already knew it…
With much discussion Clive decided that he would do the 1500 klm round trip, leaving early in the morning, so we took the side boxes off the bike to make the bike as light as possible…
We tried to phone the guest house, we couldn’t find their phone number anywhere, we just hope they are there…

Hopefully wont see many of the real ones around today as it is hammer to metal time….

Thankfully I didn’t have to go, still having the runs would have slowed Clive down not to mention the extra weight…thank goodness it wasn’t me that left the passports behind, i would never have heard the last of it.. lol

So off to bed early, not just because Clive had to be up early, but also as we had already done a long ride that day.
The alarm went off at 4am… Clive was up and out by 4.15am…I did feel bad for him and was worried about him riding such along journey with very little sleep, I was also concerned that the passports may not be at the guest house…

Clive had hidden then under the pillow of the spare bed that was in our room, also seeing as we didn’t use that bed, would the bed even get checked by house keeping?
Who was going to stay in the room after us, all sorts of things go through your mind when you lose something so important, especially as it was our Uk and Aussie passports ‘lost’…
lunch time i had an email from Clive to say that he had all four passports back and was about to leave Cappadocia…
Thank goodness…
I guiltily spent the day writing up a blog and sleeping, Clive got back about 8.30pm looking totally shattered…
Feeling sorry for him I walked up the road and got him a pizza…
An early night again for us, as the next day we wanted to explore some of this beautiful old city…


In the morning I checked out Facebook and found out from a friend that if Clive had carried on riding for about another 47k’s he could have got the title of ‘Iron Butt’ lol…
Check out the ‘Iron Butt Association’ you will find out all sorts of interesting things.

We caught the Metro into town, which was jam packed with people…defiantly over loaded! and got off at “Sultanahmet” station, which is the closest to the Blue Mosque…


First we had to get a bottle of water at a vendor, we noticed that the Kebab shop next to the vendor had the biggest Kebab meat cooking that we have ever seen….


Armed with our cold water we set off to find the Mosque…walking through the grounds you are greeted by this amazing building…


The queue for getting into the Mosque was quite long, but luckily it moved fast, we were given a bag to put our shoes in and i was given a gown to wear while in the Mosque…



The Mosque is such an amazing, peaceful and beautiful place to visit, the centre dome was amazing a true master piece in architecture, the walls and ceilings are covered in the most beautiful tiles, this is a must see place for anyone visiting Istanbul…



Feet washing area underneath steps…..

The mosque is known as the Blue Mosque because of the beautiful blue Iznik tiles decorating the interior, and was built between 1609 and 1616.


We exited into a large courtyard and set off towards the magnificent fountains that surround the Mosque, there were lots of people wondering around with a look of amazement on there face, this is a special place, i’m so glad we had a chance to visit it.




It was hot and could see lots of people enjoying ice-cream…Hmmm lets get one..oh wow they were good, sort of chewy!



We then decided to explore the old town, its a wonderful place…
We could really feel we were in Europe here,the way people were dressed and the shops..



After stopping for lunch we decided to go back to the hotel to have a ‘kindy’ Clive was still tired from his epic ride the day before….

All refreshed we head back to the mosque to get some night shots and get some dinner, but first a quick drink….
we ended up having a few drinks with some Aussies who said they were in the same restaurant as us at lunch time!

Great to meet you guys..

After a chat, few drinks and some laughs we went off to take some moonlit photos of the Blue Mosque…wow it was stunning in the moon light…



we then went for a last walk around the area before heading back to the hotel to pack up for our next destination…Gallipoli
With breakfast out of the way we packed up the bike but some adorable kittens, kept distracting us or rather me.


We double checked if we had our passports…..

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2 thoughts on “Istanbul….The Gateway to Europe…

  1. Linda Briscoe on said:

    We were relieved to read that Clive had been successful in his retrieval of the passports and back safe and sound with you in Istanbul. Can’t believe the great journey you have travelled so far. Now you are only a few days out from The Old Country! Love to you both.

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