On our great adventure

The Beauty of the Balkans….

Exiting Bulgaria into Serbia was a very quick affair just a flash of passports with the immigration border guards not really taking any interest in us at all…



Serbia was very scenic, lots of fields and hills and old farming methods, we stopped by a deep gorge with a river with people fishing and made a cup of tea, as it was quite warm and we soaked up the sunshine…..


The roads were good and were enjoying ourselves riding along in near perfect weather, within no time we found ourselves at the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there was a bit of a queue, a Italian couple on a motorbike gestured us to follow them and we all filtered past the cars and trucks that were waiting in line to be processed through customs.
We had to buy local motor insurance for 30 Euros and we were on our way…

We rode through some stunning gorges, wow this place has surprised us with its stunning beauty…we later rode into a small town just past the border called Visegard…


We found a cosy little hotel, quickly checked in and went off to have a look at the pretty little town and walked across the old Mehmed Paša Sokolović Bridge…what an amazing bridge…
The Construction of the bridge took place between 1571 and 1577, its still in amazing condition for its age.

We later found out this bridge was the centre of a sad past. During the 1992–95 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the bridge was a place of the brutal killing of a large number of Bosniak civilians by Bosnian Serb Army during the Višegrad massacre in 1992..


In the middle of the town a beautiful centre piece, we found a restaurant over looking the Drina river that flowed under the bridge, what a stunning setting…


We sat ourself down ordered some local beers, what a peaceful setting, we ordered dinner which turned out to be not only delicious but also interesting, i had a stuffed burger, it was a little different than what i thought it would be, but great non the less.


With dinner eaten, the restaurant closing and the daylight fading quickly we head back to the hotel as it seems the whole town goes to bed early-that suits us as we were shattered.

We have found that through out our trip we have come across the most amazing places with such stunning beauty, but they also share such a sad past…

Up early and after breakfast Clive did the usual pre ride checks on the bike.


We loaded the luggage onto the bike and set off through some amazing scenery, through more stunning gorges that wrapped around the slow flowing river, we went through so many tunnels that were cut through the mountains, this country is amazing, we would liked to have spent more time here exploring this old war torn country…but time is getting away from us.
We did notice riding along some of the gorges, both sides there were signs warning of land mines…



The blue sky that had greeted us this morning had now turned to rain clouds…


As we rode through the beautiful forest with high cliffs on either side of us, the rain started coming down heavy, plus a lot of thunder and lightening, we needed to look for somewhere safe to shelter for a while, what a place to have stopped but there was no where to shelter, we eventually came to a small junction that had a couple of abandoned houses, one had a covered porch…yes this looks like a good place to shelter it even had chairs, we wheeled the bike under cover, while the rain just kept on coming, we dug out the stove and made a cup of hot chocolate until the rain eased…



We passed a large lake and the scenery was awesome, a word we often use in our description of things,but it really sums things up. We rode past an unusual monument of some sort but the black clouds were looming and we didn’t stop…


A short time later we arrived at the Bosnian border… The border control police wanted to see our motor insurance that we had bought when we entered Bosnia, Clive couldn’t find it any where, we searched every where, the border guards said it this was a big problem, with a big fine, we kept smiling and talked our way out of it, after a while the guards let us through to ride the 100 metres to the border of Croatia… phew glad didn’t want to have to ride back to the Serbia/Bosnia border to get a copy of the insurance… We did in fact find the insurance in a pocket that we had searched through lol..

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Balkans….

  1. Been there! Great places for riding and exploring…

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