On our great adventure

Pomepii-City of Ash

Our next door noisy campers had gone 🙂
We finally got a good nights sleep which was great as we needed to be up early for todays adventure…
We were leaving at 7.30 am…for a day trip to Pompeii with Brad and Kath, a lovely young Australian couple who are travelling on a round the world plane ticket.


Heading off on a beautiful sunny day we were off heading south past the city of Naples to what is left off the 250 year old tourist site of Pompeii, we were all excited about this day trip, as we had heard so much about this place and now, today we were finally on our way.
The drive down in Brad and Kath hired car took about two and a half hours, it was nice to have a day of travelling in air conditioning and a day off from from getting ‘helmet’ hair, especially in the hot weather.

We got to Pompeii and were ushered into a car-park right opposite the entrance of the ruined city, its was expensive to park but the deal was that if you ate in their restaurant, parking was free, so a quick look at their menu prices, we all decided it wasn’t a bad deal…although what did the food taste like we wondered?
We walk up the hill to the ticket box and purchased our tickets 11 euro each which is just under $17, we decided on not getting a guide, a decision we later regretted, as we weren’t bargaining on no information once inside the town other wise we may have got one..
Once inside we hitched along with various group and listened to their guides 🙂
Unfortunately there were no artefacts left in the buildings, which would have made it feel more real and alive, instead the buildings were empty shells…
There are however still some amazing paintings, that had been painted on the walls of these once magnificent homes…the detail is incredible.

Murals on a very wealthy mansion that was believed to have been visited by Nero himself…

Grand tile entrance…

Penis carved into a rock at a junction of a road pointing the way to a brothel…

There are no bodies left but there are plaster casts of bodies! Plaster was pumped into the space left behind in the hardened ash after the the biological body material decomposed. It was thought that the facial expressions revealed in the plaster were the victims’ gasps for air.


Pregnant woman…


We wandered around for a couple of hours on this very hot day,trying to imagine what it was like to live here all those years ago, only a fraction of the city has been uncovered and will take a life time of excavation to complete..
During excavations a few skeletons have been found of what is believed to be treasure hunters…they had dug to deep into the rooms with no shoring up of their efforts and the ash have collapsed on top of them…

Pompeii was a very sophisticated city, with steam baths and steam rooms where they had steam actually coming out of holes in walls, there was even underwater heating and proper sanitation many wealthy families lived here..

There was a huge arena for gladiator the spectacles of the amphitheatre were the most popular form of entertainment in Pompeii. Pompeii’s amphitheatre was built after 80 BC, making it the oldest known example of its kind in the Roman world. The spectators enjoyed violent battles… gladiator versus gladiator and men against various dangerous animals.
A large market square was discovered, which sold local products from figs, fruit to bread and other various items.


We met up with Brad and Kath a few hours later and we all decided that we had seen enough, we ate at the car park restaurant and were all surprised how good the food was..

We headed back to Rome after a great day out, with the leaning tower Pisa on are minds, our next destination…

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  1. Arrans Adventures on said:

    Neato! Great photos as always.

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