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It Means Nothing To Me….Oh Vienna…..

It rained for most of the night and knowing that we were going to spend the morning getting wet on the motorbike didn’t fill us with a lot of enthusiasm, especially while we were in a nice warm room in the hotel…

But we need to ‘get this show on the road’ regardless of the weather, plus we only had about 300k’s to get to ‘The City Of Music’…Vienna.

Hence the title of the blog, we couldn’t help singing the eighties hit by ultravox every time we saw a road sign leading to the city bearing its name…

But before going to Vienna we were making a stop off in the town of Steyr, which was about halfway to meet up with Andy and his wife Andrea, Andy is from Bristol and has been following our trip on line for most of our trip and gave us an invite for lunch if we were in his area, Andy had given us some great tips along the way during our journey and we couldn’t wait to meet him.

We were to meet Andy and Andrea at his office, which is located at the old factory of M.A.N trucks as he wasn’t flying today… we reckon he has one of the best jobs in the world, he’s a pilot for hot air balloons, but he was telling us he is having a bad season in Austria due to all the rain (he is now currently in Myanmar ballooning), Andy is also a motor bike fanatic…


Andy and Andrea took us out for a fantastic lunch at a Italian place, right opposite his office.
Over lunch Andy being a ballon pilot gave us some great advise on what the weather was doing and also some advise on where the rain depression is heading, it seemed to be right behind us chasing us along, no wonder we have been wet for the last week…

It was really great to finally meet them after exchanging comments on the net for so long, hopefully will meet up with them again one day.

Andy gave us a sticker of his ballon company to stick on our bike boxes.

With the rain right behind us we took the fastest route to Vienna, looking over our shoulders most of the way, hmmm lots of black clouds around…
I couldn’t believe we could have been so stupid as to not book a hotel, but we just couldn’t decide, as the prices were not suitable or the location was too far out of the city, surely there were other hotels that weren’t online that would be suitable to meet our needs? But we did have a short list though to check out!

We checked a few hotels out when we got to Vienna, most on the list though were booked out, one random Hotel that looked ‘just’ ordinary was ridiculously priced, at over $600 a night and you get the choice of either a parking space or Wi-Fi… For that price I would expect both…

Time was ticking and the rain was still coming down fast and heavy, just down the road from one of the hotels that we enquired in, was an arch way that lead into a court yard that took us to Hotel Fabrik (it used to be a fabric factory).


In the hotels courtyard was a huge chimney stack that was all lit up, dripping wet I went into the reception area enquired on the price, thinking to myself just by looking around at the low brick ceiling and boutique style, it was going to be way out of our price range, it was, so I booked us in for two nights, lol..

I couldn’t believe that we still had to pay extra to park the bike, unbelievable. That was the most expensive hotel we have used on the entire trip so far…

Our room was modern, clean and warm and overlooked the courtyard. So off with the wet weather gear to hang in the bathroom to dry, next were hot showers and out for a bite to eat.
My umbrella was now becoming handy, Clive really didn’t want to bring it at the start of our trip “we’ll never use it” he said!
Over dinner we planed on what to see tomorrow and where we should go in Europe as so far we have just been bumbling around with no real plan, not that is such a bad thing anyway…
After a massive buffet breakfast, where we got our moneys worth of everything on offer!
Our plans for the day were to see as much of Vienna as we could cram in.

We decided to catch the train to the city centre, there was a station 100 metres away, so in the pouring rain we ran to the station, when we arrive at the station we couldn’t find anywhere to purchase tickets, we asked a few people but they just shrugged their shoulders, oh well you can’t say we didn’t try, we got on the train feeling a little nervous that we didn’t have tickets.

Hope we don’t get caught, we’ll just have to act like ‘dumb’ tourists if we get caught!
After a ten minute ride we arrive in the city centre and back up the umbrella goes, with my brolly being blown around in front of my face i nearly walk into the path of a moving tram! Flamin heck that was a close call…



The streets are laden with well looked after historical buildings, even with the 21st century shops inside them; it doesn’t alter the charm of the buildings.
Unfortunately we know our time in this city is not nearly going to be long enough.
Following our little guide map we find St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) its the most important Catholic Church in Vienna.


The Cathedral has a multi-colored tile roof with a diamond pattern and two tall towers, which are the most identifiable symbols of the city. You can see why it’s the number one tourist attraction in Vienna, Simply stunning.


Inside was another Wow moment…



We’re not religious, but we lit four candles, one for each of our grandchildren, who we were missing terribly…


Outside there were horse carriage rides for the tourists.



Ha Ha ear muffs for horses!

With a reprieve from the rain we head over to the Spanish Riding school, hoping that we may get to see the famous Lipizzaners in action, but we were to be disappointed as they were not performing today, such a shame, this now means a return visit one day ☺, however we did how ever get to check out the horses in their massive yard, even if they were only housed in their stalls.


Before we knew it, it was lunchtime, no wonder our stomachs were growling, we find a little cafe to not only eat but to rest up a little, our legs were aching…


Lunch over we decide to walk it off, we must have walked miles, checking out the city centre, some of it in circles lol, our legs were still aching!




Walking over to the Hofburg Imperial Palace for a look, what a stunning building, for more than seven centuries the great empire of the Habsburgs was ruled from the Imperial Palace, part of it is now a museum, but by the time we arrive, there it was less than an hour to closing, so we decide to give it a miss, but still got to enjoy the architecture.
Every thing about this city is amazing, you cannot help but fall in love with this place.

Oh dear looks like the rain is building up again in the distance…

Later that day we were due to meet Lisa and Gerhard, a lovely young Austrian couple that live here, we first meet them way back at the beginning of our trip in Malaysia, we were all staying in the same hotel, Hotel Station 18 in Ipoh, where we had a fun packed day with them and we said if we did head to Vienna (it was not in our plans at the beginning of our trip) we would catch up with them.

A bit later we received a text from Lisa to let us know what time and place to meet them, thankfully we were able to get onto Google maps to find out how to get to the cafe.
While walking towards to Café Prueckel we came across Vicki Butler-Henderson from Fifth Gear filming a scene about the new Bentley, it was stunning, believe me the two tone car looked better in life, than in the photo.


We arrived first at Café Prueckel, and Lisa and Gerhard arrived shortly after, walking into the busy café is like going back in time, the café is more than 100 years old, and was renovated in the 1950′s, and it hasn’t changed much since, there was a great atmosphere about the place, lots of laughter and chatting going on…

A little bit of a wait was in order as the there weren’t any vacant tables, this café is a very popular place with the locals, we did however not have long to wait till we got a table, Hmmm the menu’s were in Austrian, lucky we had Lisa and Gerhard to translate.


We decided to go for the Fritattensuppe, which is a traditionally home made beef broth topped with rolled up and thinly sliced strips of pancake, it was really good, and for desert (I had been eyeing up the yummy looking cakes), but we were happy to try the suggestion form Lisa and Gerhard which was Mohnnudeln which means is poppy seed noodles in German, i’m not sure what we were ordering but was surprised when it arrived at the table as it looked like thick slug shapes, its made from a potato dough, and is served with melted butter and tossed in poppy seeds and a side of stewed apples, it was really good and dipped in the apple, it gave it the sweetness that was needed, yum yum…


It was so great to catch up with Lisa and Gerhard, we had a pleasant evening of chatting and laughing, they are a really great young couple, we feel lucky to have meet them.
We catch our ‘free’ train back to our Hotel and settle in for the night, desperately hoping that the rain will ease for our ride into our next country, Czeh Republic..

Well at least now we have some sort of plan of where we are going…

As for ‘Vienna’ it does mean something to us…

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2 thoughts on “It Means Nothing To Me….Oh Vienna…..

  1. Thank you very much for your interesting blog, especially about Vienna, my hometown. I have a tipp for your journey to the Czech Republic, visit also the historic town of Retz near the boarder and the former Iron Curtain. Ths town has one of the most beautiful mainsquares in Austria. On this route you will also come to the beautiful town Znoijmo. Have a save journey!

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