On our great adventure

The road of Romance and Fairy-Tales….

The bikes all loaded up, and our good-byes said to Steven.
Looking at the sky and previously reading the weather report we know we are going to be in for a damp day 😦
We have had enough of the rain and cold that seems to be set in the middle of Europe, we decided to head for the south of France for some much needed sunshine…

Yesterday Steven advised us of a great road south through Germany that would avoid the autobahn and he printed out a map with directions to follow, that would follow the famous Romantic road.


Which flows through medieval towns of half-timbered houses on a route that starts from historic Würzburg to the alpine glories of the city of Fussen and ends at Neuschwanstein, where as most people would know it as the castle that was in the ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ movie (1968) and for those that don’t know the palace was also the model for the Sleeping Beauty Castle of Disneyland!


We were really looking forward to this ‘romantic’ ride, which goes on for about 410 km, passing through some beautiful countryside, cobblestoned villages and the medieval, walled towns, and arched gateways with guard towers that stand at the entrance to towns, it sounds like a fairytale, but the weather had turned pretty nasty, before we could take the exit to these medieval towns, which put us in the non romantic mood!
So we were going to head straight for Neuschwanstein Castle.
Several times the rain was so hard that we had to pull over, it was unbelievably hard to see anything..
Thankfully the bursts of rain didn’t last too long….at times!


As we neared Neuschwanstein, the scenery was incredible, big lush green pastures lay below the mountains, this is amazing there is no other words for it, we could just make out Neuschwanstein Castle in the distance, proudly sitting high above the Hohenschwangau Valley.


Clive was not keen to do the castle tour, but i was, even though i had read some negative comments about touring the castle , e.g. that no photos are allowed and that you don’t have time to enjoy the rooms as you are hurried along by the group leader, but i still wanted to go in.

So after admiring this majestic castle from a far in a stunning setting and taking dozens of photos we rode into the village, oh boy it was busy the place was full of tourist coaches and upon looking at the queue which was ridiculously huge i decided against going into the castle, looks like we defiantly have to return to Germany now, so i can fulfil my romantic dream…

We rode into Fussen town for a bite to eat, and just as we were about to walk out the door, rain hammered on down, so much rain in fact that the road looked like a river, drains were so full they couldn’t cope, this weather was just another reason why we wanted to head to the South of France.

As soon as the coast was clear we ‘layered’ up again and rode on hoping to make as much ground as we could.
The rain continued for the rest of the day, feeling cold we made a quick stop off to a bakery for a hot drink, parking the bike directly outside the bakery on the wide pavement, we were welcomed in by the old lady that ran the store, she told us to relax and warm up, just them a police car pulled up and asked us if that was our bike outside, ‘Yes’ we said, he then went on to say we can’t park where we were and to move it, he then went on to buy a pie, as he walked out the door the old lady did the V sign to him behind his back and called him something really not what we expected an old lady to say…ha ha, it took us totally by surprise and as he drove off, she told us not to bother moving the bike, so we didn’t, but we weren’t there for much longer anyway.

We noticed all these pumpkins for sale at a road side stall and were amazed there was a Queensland Australia pumpkin , the part of the world we left behind nine months ago on sale there …


There was a colourful mix of pumpkins on sale there..


We rode until we had both had enough of being cold and wet, which was only after few hours, we stopped at a biker friendly bed and breakfast, and after a lot of confusion about whether they were were going to make us breakfast as they were having the next day off, the owner than finally said his mother will cook breakfast for you, so i booked the room without viewing it!…

I should have taken all the ‘above’ as a sign and walked out then, but we were tired, so after lugging all our gear upstairs and really looking forward to a hot shower, we got into our room, which was freezing cold and damp, taking off all our wet gear i walked through one of the doors thinking it was the bathroom- NO- it was a store room- Shit- no bathroom, they said there was a bathroom, so i went back downstairs and talked to the owner who said they do have a bathroom, its on the floor above us, but you have to share it.
We packed the bike back up and high tailed it out of there lol.

A few Klms down the road we came across another ‘Biker Friendly’ hotel.
I checked out the room….hmmm ‘very cozy’ but, yippee it had an ensuite which was the size of a broom cupboard, we didn’t care it was private, the room was warm and we were out of the rain, hoping to dry out our clothes and Clive’s recently acquired bike boots that were pretty wet.

The following morning we were again greeted by grey skies, but no rain, our plan for the day was getting into Switzerland.


Later in the day we crossed a bridge and arrived at the small town of Lindau, which lies on an island on Lake Constance. It looked beautiful and with the sun out and blue skies, we felt so much better, back on top of the world, it amazing how the weather can change your mood..


Parking was difficult to find even for the bike, we managed however to literally squeeze the bike into to an tiny area near the railway.
After stripping off our jackets, and postioning the rest of our gear over the bike to dry out, as it was now quite warm we would be foolish not to take advantage of it. Walking around the harbour in the warm sun was bliss, we could feel our bones warming up, oh the sun feels good.
We found a great little restaurant facing the harbour entrance-this will do nicely for lunch, even though it was warm we ordered the homemade soup.

While waiting for that to arrive Clive took off his still damp boots and socks hoping they would dry out a bit more in the sun, with Clive’s socks hanging over the arm of his chair we enjoyed our soup, ohh this sun feels so good we really didn’t want to move, so we stayed there for a while longer, Lindau has a great relaxed feel about the place, we sat there until the sun had moved away from us.

Oh well back on the bike and into Austria again but only for a short time we needed to fuel up before we head in to the birth place of my favourite chocolate-Lindt.

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