On our great adventure

‘Adios Espana’……

Our departure from beautiful Portugal was a sad day for us both, there’s still so much more for us to see in this country but we needed to leave
Our hearts were heavy not just because we were leaving Portugal but because we were coming to the end of our great adventure, but all things have to end and we needed to make our way to Spain again and start heading towards the UK.


Interesting views turned to uninteresting and after a few hours we seemed to be back on the road less travelled by Spaniards, this was not a really scenic route, rural country, empty fields and flat plains were now our views.


Stopping at a service station to fuel up, checking and ajusting the bikes continuing clanking chain, we head over to a vast wooden cafeteria for a late lunch, and after a visit to the ladies room and whilst drying my hands i spied next to the hand dryer a interesting vending machine lol…didn’t expect that!
Chuckling, i filled Clive in on my find, who also found it amusing, and no i didn’t buy any!
The must be a lot of frustrated Spanish woman in Spain…lol.


We were hoping for a bite to eat, but we were disappointed with the crap selection of dried looking meals that were on offer, they looked like they had been in the Bain Marie all day (i bet the meals were nice at the beginning of the day!) with our tummys rumbling we settled for a coffee and cake.



We saw a few of these giant bulls on top and sides of hills whilst riding, having something other than fields to gaze at broke the boredom of being on the road, they appeared every 50 klm or so…

We were starting to feel the afternoon chill as the sun gently lowered, i tapped on Clive’s shoulder to Signify that we should layer up, so the next service station we came across we filled up with fuel, there also happened to be a restaurant and hotel across the courtyard of the service station… a hot drink would be nice and maybe something to eat before heading back out, whilst having a drink and a bite to eat we decided that we felt so relaxed and drained that we didn’t want to ride any further that day, or was it the realisation of our trip ending was also playing on our minds, the thought of ‘normal’ life was an awful idea…

Great name on the van…

We booked a room for the night, top floor again! i’m beginning to think we must smell or something as we are always on the top floor, even when the hotels are empty..!
Our room was modern and had plenty of space, although there was a smelly issue coming from the drains in the bathroom!
While Clive was covering the bike, the manager kindly said not to worry about the bike as we could park it right under the nose of the service station night attendant…

So after a freshen up we decided to catch up with the kids on Skype,the WIFI was crap in our room, we could just get a signal if we stood by the door, the WIFI was brilliant in the restaurant, but it was far to noisy to Skype so we had to do it on the hotel landing, thankfully there was a lounge to sit on, but the lights kept going out, as they were the sensor type… lol


The morning soon came a round and looking out of the bedroom window we could see that the morning was going to be chilly, as fog was thick, hopefully it will lift soon, once outside it felt even colder, thankfully only a short ride awaits us today, all rugged up we were heading for San Sebastian (Donostia) our last port of call in Spain, as the fog lifted the day got warmer, yep we needed to delayer.
The rural flat plains turned to one of beauty, green trees, lush grass and hilly twisty roads were fun and our interest on this part of the journey was again sparked.


Once again we were filled with enthusiasm, this part of the journey was brilliant, even though we were only 20 k’s from France we could have continued but one more night in Spain was needed and what a beautiful little seaside town this was.


We found a nice hotel, Hotel Parma which was overlooking the bay of La Zurriola.

We only had an afternoon to explore, so there’s no time to waste, so after a quick change, we walk down De Salamanca Ibilbidea, not sure what we are going or what we are going to find, but thats the fun of exploring new places…

There was a lot of street art painted on buildings, giving a great vibe around the place.


We walk through the maze of old sand stone coloured buildings that make up these narrow streets, small shops, restaurants and Tapas Bars.

Many places were closed either due to it being late afternoon or perhaps because it was out of season (October).


We now find our selves entering the harbour, we sit on the edge of the harbour, dangling our legs over the edge of the wall and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the sea below us was such a lovely aqua and so clear, in the not too far distance we could see the Beach of La Concha, the golden sands looked pretty empty, just a few people enjoying the fantastic weather, i can imagine the beach being jam packed with tourists in the height of the summer season!

Good use of a old cannon as a bollard…

We continue our walk past the Navel Museum and the Aquarium and continue walking along the promenade with a cliff on one side of us and the sea on the other side, the waves crashed onto the rocks below us and at times we felt the cold sea splash up at us….Brrrr, looks like swimming is out for today…


The trend that we saw in Italy and Austria has continued here….’LoveLock’ padlocks attached onto railings…we have a spare padlock back at the hotel that we could have added to this sparse collection that runs the entirety of this promenade! Next time…

These guys kept us amused for a while with their antics , they were hilarious..

The wind was really picking up and being in the shade it was cold, so we head back into the town to get some dinner before heading back to the hotel.
We spent the evening checking the channel ferry times, something we have been putting off for a while…
In the morning after checking the bike chain etc, we loaded up and also rugged up even though the sun was out.
There were gloomy looking clouds on the horizon, hopefully crossing into France was not going to be a wet one!!!

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